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September of 2009.  My… how long ago that was!  I had a dream.

I dreamed an old cabin turned chicken coop could be emptied of junk and remade into My Space.  I went into this project with enthusiasm, hauling away pipe and old gas tanks and boards and tin.  Ripping down chicken wire.  Powerwashing the interior and finding the chinking in some places was just mud.  I stopped.

I tore down and built up.  I insulated.  I snagged some great tongue and groove siding from a friend.  My nephew came and did a wonderful, AMAZING job of hauling out YEARS of chicken poo.  I had awfully cute furry helpers

I got it pretty warm in there a few times with frustration.  Working by yourself, trying to do things alone WAS SO HARD sometimes.  My dogs learned all sorts of colorful metaphors.  (Sorry, Mom.)  I don’t know how many times I walked out of there with tears in my eyes!

Matt hauled in gravel for me…  M. did the electricity.  D. poured the concrete.  R. came and finished my ceiling and installed my wood stove.  I figured out how to do it, and I built myself a Dutch door.  All throughout, my family came and gave me “just 5 minutes and hold this” while I nail/screw/glue/measure.  D. and S. helped with windows and supplies.  Brandon gets bonus points for helping me figure out how to hang my map shade.  G. and D. get Big Thanks for donating the huge window.  Friends have given me things to decorate my studio with…  You’ve given encouragement and ideas and suggestions and I’ve read each one and, hopefully, thanked you for your support.

As of today… MY STUDIO IS COMPLETE.  (OK, with exceptions.)  There are a few things left for warmer weather… painting, caulking, outside chinking… but, it is FINALLYFINALLYFINALLY to the stage, that… Yeah, I could almost rent it out if I wanted to!!!! Kidding aside, I hauled most of my tools to the garage.  That’s a sign of the end if ever there was one.

I hope you enjoy these photos from this afternoon as much as I do.  Especially if you go back and look at some of those old posts!!!

OHOH, notice the trim around the Dutch door… my project from yesterday!!!  No more license plates, and I like this so much better!  Doesn’t the header just beg for a name?  My friends suggested Crooked Woman Studio (from the Little Crooked House poem), though who would want something from a Crooked Woman???  Cobbled (together) Studio was another suggestion.  Look the old studio entries over and the new pics, and then throw me a name!  Who knows?  You could end up naming my dream!

studio bedroom

The “bedroom/kitchen/sitting” area with long tabletop.

work surface

English Shepherd

Part of my English Shepherd collection… more to come… and Lucas’ picture in RFD-TV The Magazine.


The cowboy/Longmire wall…


The “kitchen”.  Got to hang that story my mom wrote about remembering her mom cooking on a green wood burning stove…

front room

The “front room”.  My Dutch door.  Drafting table.  Bookshelves.  Some tools that will leave at some point!

Dutch door

Closeup of my door!

fairy corner

Fairy corner.  That autographed Rainier beer can belongs over by the Longmire stuff whenever it gets a shelf!  Fairies don’t like Rainier.  They like honey.  I have that on good authority.

catalog cabinet

The 1904 catalog cabinet.  Fun reading…

nest boxes

What’s left of the original nest boxes.  Most of this stuff needs hauled out… but, hey, we’re friends… you can see my junky nest boxes!!!



Name My Dream — 30 Comments

  1. Holy moly! What a transformation. I have enjoyed watching the journey in bits and pieces, and the finished product is amazing. Well done! What a great space to get your creative on.
    Kris recently posted…restockingMy Profile

  2. I came back to view the studio and second time and saw the buffalo skull!
    Is that the one you found? I like the way you made it special.

  3. It just came to me later in thinking about it your cabin–that it is “Carol’s Cabin”. That’s what it IS, right?! 🙂

  4. Great job! (I want it 😉 ) Looks like a very “Cozy Cowgirl Cabin” to me. How about Cowgirl Cabin, or Cozy Cabin, or both in the name of your wonderful nest.

  5. How about “Greet Retreat”?
    It looks absolutely fabulous. I’m jealous of all the energy and ideas you have!!
    Love all your pictures.

  6. Definitely something to “crow about!”

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following the creation of your studio. Thanks for all the pictures today which really show it off! Each part of the story was interesting and well-documented…what a transformation! I ESPECIALLY love the door and new trim that you built yourself. 🙂

  7. The Long Dream Studio.

    Is that THE buffalo skull?????

    It’s absolutely perfect. Junky nesting boxes and all–that just adds to the character. I always read the way-backs, so I’ve really followed all your adventures with this building. You deserve a beautiful place to work. You’re going to have so much fun in this studio!

  8. That’s a great “Diva Den” It’s nice to have a space of your own now and then. I really like the trim around your dutch door, you did a great job!

  9. Ahh, that’s wonderful!! Looks like a perfect little sanctuary, though it’s not so little! I love the trim on the door! It looks like such a happy place. 😀

  10. What satisfaction you must feel after creating such a beautiful creative center! Pretty big chicken coup! Thanks for explaining pour on!

  11. Oh you lucky girl to have all that space to create. It looks WONDERFUL. Love the Cowboy/Longmire wall. I have a few mini cowboy places dotted around my house. You must be very proud of what you have achieved. Wishing you lots of creative days in your log cabin/studio. You could call it ‘MY space’.

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