Minute Movie: “Joy”

This little calf… less than 12 hours old… is trying out her new legs!  Still unsteady at a standstill, she’s trying and succeeding at bucking and playing!

What joy!

Joy from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


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Minute Movie: “Joy” — 10 Comments

  1. We don’t start calving until April 1, so thanks for the “preview”! I love it when they find out running and bucking is so much fun!

  2. Was that an umbilical hanging underneath? Does it just dry up and fall off? Was this calf younger that the others? Why weren’t they running and bucking, or had they already done that?

  3. I assume these babies are from the first calf heifers. Do you sell the heifers, or keep any as replacements?

  4. Wonderful! From Mama’s calls, or was it aunty?, it sounds like joyful baby was maybe (gasp!) running with scissors! Bucking and jumping is so much more fun than plain old standing.

  5. What a happy calf. If only my legs would work like that rather than needing the wall to keep my balance in Pilates class. Loved the end where it decided to gently rub its head against the fence. So sweet.

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