What a Life!

In amongst all the other things that have been going on, Brandon found a couple of bulls that had… ummm… to say it delicately… They had broken their “equipment”.  One may heal if he leaves the girls alone, so he is in a corral.  The other one?  Nah.  It didn’t look good.

What? You didn’t know that bulls can break their “breeding parts”?  Well.  They can.  Bulls can get crippled, break their legs, break their equipment, or just get sore and swollen.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  It is not the most popular subject to talk about, but, hey… I share!

This is very unfortunate, because not only is the bull a monetary loss in himself, but so would be the cows he isn’t breeding unless you replace him FAST.  Good bulls these days can cost $6-10,000, (some less, some much more) so it seriously hurts your pocketbook!  If bull breeders/sellers are big enough, they often will *guarantee* their bulls to last, just asking the slaughter value back.  A broken bull will be made into hamburger.  Every breeder is different, some don’t have any guarantees at all.

Gratefully, this guy had a guarantee.

bullI wasn’t going to go help, but my dogs gave me a pitiful look, so I jumped in the Rhino and went to help “4 wheel cowboy” him into the trailer.

bullHe was a bit argumentative.

bullThis is a Nice Looking Bull, and we’re sad to see him go… but happy to get him loaded and safely off to meet his replacement in passing.

bullHe loaded quite nicely actually once he was in the corral… though we were Very Cautious… He was sore and cranky… so no one wanted to just walk up to him and ease him in the trailer!  He just decided to walk on in, thank goodness!

His replacement was picked up and traded for the very next day, and, sporting a new brand, is out with the girls… hopefully, enjoying himself!

What a life!


Our steers sold well.  We’re happy!


What a Life! — 7 Comments

  1. That’s why AI is so popular, isn’t it — safer for the bulls? Is there no way to recover some of his semen? He’s so handsome… Of course it’s less labor intensive for the rancher to let the bull do it! Does this sort of thing happen very often?

  2. OH, he was such a handsome one too! Nice shape and pretty flat in the back…

    OH well – hamburg steak anyone? (i know, that’s just a fact of life ins’t it)

    Post pic of the new guy! Enjoying seeing the Studs. 😉

  3. Is it safer to use the 4-wheelers to move the bull, rather than on horseback? The bull would be less likely to charge the 4-wheeler, but might charge a man on a horse ?

  4. Well, there’s a story we’d never heard before! Very entertaining & informative for a city girl . And the picture explains his crankiness. What’s the saying , 1 picture is worth 1000 words? He did look sore.
    Also, I hope you received my check for the mugs . If not, please email me and I will send another. Thanks again for the smile today.

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