Today was the last of Longmire Days and I did the practical thing of doing laundry and dishes and all that yucky, normal, un-fun stuff.

Until 4:30.

Then I flew up the mountain to the pig roast and concert with the cast and other notables in attendance at South Fork Mountain Lodge.  It’s not clear to Buffalo, so I definitely felt like it was in the neighborhood and, seriously, why wouldn’t I go?????


Oh, my goodness… I can’t get photos to load.  Why can’t I get photos to load???? This is NOT good without PHOTOS!!!!  Tell you what… Since my computer is having problems, dropping the connection repeatedly…

I’ll see if I can, and I’ll post in the morning.  You have to see some of these pictures that were taken tonight!  And, hey, I’m even squealing like a little girl (and I’m not a Little Girl) in one of them!!!



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