65 Years Difference

Since I went past this Friday, I thought I’d share…

Powder River Pass, September 2015…

Powder River PassPowder River Pass, 1950.

Powder River PassI just get such a kick out of these old photos… still!


65 Years Difference — 4 Comments

  1. I need people to stop saying “1950 anything” is old! How can it be? It was just a few years back, when my friends and I rode our horses bareback all over the valley, while stylishly sporting braces and braids. Geesh!

  2. I like old pictures too – and when you can look at a modern-day comparison, it’s even more fun. 🙂 And either one of them looks VERY different from when I went over the pass a few years ago….in thick, swirling snow.

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