A little house painting… a little cleaning…

A little birthday cake!

Yup, the oldest grandson turned four today.  FOUR.  Pretty amazing.

There’s ranchwork to come tomorrow, but today please indulge me with cute grandkid photos!

The birthday boy, Quinlan.

Quinlan bdayJaxon… trying to put Quinlan’s new ambulance in his pocket so he can ride the trike.

JaxonLorelei rocking her brand shirt and cowgirl tutu…

Loreleiand Lacee… the sunshine girl!

LaceeWe have quite the crew even with missing the other three cousins…

I hope you enjoyed your birthday, Quinlan!


Birthday — 8 Comments

  1. You have the most beautiful grandchildren! The blessings of our “older age” for us grandmas. Thanks for the photos of the big 4th birthday party.

  2. Dang! They are adorable! I can’t believe your oldest grandchild is only four! Mine is about to turn 21! And we are about the same age (ok, so he’s really a step-grandson and I wasn’t a child bride or anything!) ☺ My youngest is eight (only have the two…)

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