The Best I Can

The small bunch was gathered and the calves weaned yesterday.  I predicted chilly, and breezy, and I wore my flannel lined jeans and chaps… And I was happy to shuck my chaps by noon.  I would have shucked those jeans too, if I’d had a regular pair to change into!  It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day!

At the end of the day, Brandon and I had to wait for a horsetrailer to return and bring us off the mountain, so he repaired a gate and I wandered around taking photos.

Boy, when I loaded them on iPhoto last night, I was thrilled… Some of them, black and whites with just the blue sky highlighted, looked GREAT.  Then I tried to post and got the nice little whirlygig going again.  I was falling asleep to the hypnotic rainbow.  I tried to quit iPhoto and Firefox.  Nothing.  I tried to forcequit.  Nothing.  Fine.  I shoved in the power button and went to bed.

Yeah.  Shouldn’t have done that.

They aren’t there this morning… and I was  just going to post this morning real quick so you wouldn’t miss me!  Well, it’s time to go to a staff meeting at the library, and I don’t seem to be making progress.  I tried to rescue them off my memory card, but I’m not having any luck because it’s a HUGE memory card and I don’t have room to do it.

I’m saving the memory card for K., our library computer tech guru, and let him do it.  I really hope he can recover them!

Sooo… no photos on this photo blog once again.  This is getting to be a whiny blog, so you’ll have to suffer with either old photos, or reposts, or something… because until I get this computer and photos straightened out, it looks like it’ll be impossible for a bit for new things.

Hang in here with me, folks… I’m doing the best I can!


The Best I Can — 5 Comments

  1. I share your frustration as everyone does. Unfortunately it happens to me all the time, if it’s not the computer dictating to me it’s the damn internet. I’m sick of that whirligig and now I frequently turn off the power as arthurimac (yes he has always had a name) won’t even restart or take any commands often. Groan….

  2. That mesmerizing little whirlygig tells me I need to do a disc cleanup to remove unnecessary files; then run my anti-malware software. Anything beyond that and I have to call my computer guy. I don’t know anything about iPhoto (yet), and I have hundreds of pictures on my PC. Hope you can get the computer running much better soon.

  3. Oh the joys of our digital age. We’ll hang in there with you Carol as we know just how frustrating these digital thingies can be. Hope the techie guy at the library can solve the issue.

  4. You have my sympathy, Carol. My computer shuts down on occasion and I’m afraid to try to look at my pictures from Tanzania.
    Love your blog and I know you will solve the computer problem — or find someone who can. 😉

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