Hidden Helper

After I rescued Dally yesterday… I decided I’d better check on my cat.

I teetered to the top of the stacked boards and peered up over the miscellany stored in the rafters of the wood shed.

passing thruWell, hellllloooooo, Gorgeous!  Golly, you aren’t my cat!

I don’t know if it belongs to the neighbors or was just dropped off, but this Hidden Tiger was friendly enough for a short skritch on its head.  I went and brought a couple handfuls of cat food back, which was accepted gladly.

I went back this morning, but the tiger was gone.

I hope it hangs around, this mild winter isn’t doing much about killing off any of the mice population!  We need all the helpers we can get…



Hidden Helper — 9 Comments

  1. Definitely a very beautiful and happy cat! Hope you have some more friendly encounters with him/her. Looks like one of my friend’s first tiger cat named, Moses! He lived to be 19 years old!!

    I think stray cats and dogs just seem to “know” where a happy home is.

  2. So very pretty. Thank you for caring for the sweet animals like you do. Blessings to you for loving and ministering to them.

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous friendly looking cat. And she looks so interested. Dally has good taste in cats. Hope he/she comes back. I’d like to see more.
    I like cats, but one of my kids in allergic.

  4. What a beautiful baby! I hope you keep an eye out for him/her. Too many people drop off females when they find out they’re pregnant. (Because their stupid people are too dumb or cheap to have them spayed)

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