Town Trip

A day spent in town.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been, I’ve just had people grab me some bread and milk on occasion, and I’ve left many things off many lists… and today I (literally) paid for it.

There was no choice, I needed chick starter since baby chicks will arrive Monday morning!!!! EEEEEK.  I am not ready, so tomorrow will be a day of carpentry and lifting and moving.

I am getting 25 chicks… the minimum order.  As of right now, they will go in my coop so it’s my older hens that I need to find a place for.  I’m still going to keep the old girls, the new ones, of course, won’t be big enough to lay for 4 or 5 months.  You can’t keep chicks and hens together, the hens would peck them to death.

I’m going to fix up something with my chicken tractor for my hens at night.  They can still free range during the day, but they need somewhere safe to roost.  Either that or they need something inside a dog kennel…

I guess I will see where my imagination takes me tomorrow!

Today’s scenery… a storm cloud north of Ten Sleep… with a faint rainbow to the right of center.



Town Trip — 6 Comments

  1. Great picture, but try as I may I can’t see the rainbow. Since I live in too sunny Southern California, rainbows are important.

    Hurrah. New baby chicks.

  2. This brings back memories…growing up, my dad owned a hatchery in town. Chicken feed would come by the semi truck load! In those days it came in colorful cotton sacks. Mom, who ran the office would stand by it being unloaded and tell Dad which sacks to bring home for the chicken feed silo and his hens so she could sew her house dresses as well as my dresses! He would bring in eggs by huge wire basketful and cull them for the hatching! At the Kearney Hatchery when the hatch was ready, he would box hundreds of baby chix for the farmer’s orders. A bank is there now!

  3. Another beautiful view from your camera. I love looking at them. Hope you got all you needed in town for the new chicks.

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