Wet Felted Slipper Tutorial (Part One)

Held my mouth right, and the video uploaded!  Yay!

Well, I also shortened it, so Part Two and most likely Part Three will be coming as well.

I still am planning my next Q&A session, neverfear.  Should I have problems uploading the next videos, I’ll squeeze it in there somewhere.

For now, enjoy the beginning of my Wet Felted Slipper Tutorial.

Felted Slippers from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Wet Felted Slipper Tutorial (Part One) — 3 Comments

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  2. This is cool, thanks! I may end up referring back here, should I need to make some wool slippers. Those look like they would not only be warm, but would stay in one perfect shape.

  3. Well done Carol. A great video. New to felting, I look forward to the next instalment. What would we do without duct tape!!!!

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