The week *was* planned.  Somehow, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

We were to ride the mountain pasture today, gathering the cattle and putting them in the horse pasture for overnight… Then weaning tomorrow.  Semi trucks had been ordered.  The corral had undergone some repairs.

Then the cold front hit bringing rain.  Semi’s and wet mountain dirt roads don’t mix AT ALL.

This morning’s temperature was 50˚ at sunrise, tonight we sit at 34˚, with a breeze, and a quarter of an inch of rain so far.

I’m very glad I love wool blankets… they feel delicious when it’s like this!

So… salsa it is!

My tomato plants are covered, but I’ve harvested the most ripe tomatoes… and peppers.  I go to chopping.

salsaSalsa should win an award for being the prettiest food…

pintsand tastiest!

(and yes, the photo shows only 13 pints… because, duh…)


Salsa — 5 Comments

  1. Oh yes, that does look very pretty and delish! Tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil? thyme? garlic? ???(please!) I’m quite passionate about hating to cook, but salsa! I just might… Yummmm. Sorry about your thwarted plans, though.

  2. Keep warm under those wool blankets Carol. Summer is lingering in middle England. Thunder showers today. Sun and 79 tomorrow. I need to wash quilts that will dry and think of a supper that does not need the oven on!!!!!

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