Looking for a Calendar Shot

Last Monday, we cancelled our preg testing because of weather.  It rained and was cold… and we just decided it wasn’t worth being wet and miserable.  Well, today was the ‘replacement day’ and when the rain started pouring down last night, we began to wonder if we would be doing it today as well.  A quarter of an inch of rain later, we hoped the weather would cooperate and the road would be set up and not too muddy.

Uh, it wasn’t too muddy!


I took many photos as we rode and gathered the pasture, hoping for a Christmas card or calendar shot!

trailbig horn basincard

*Speaking of which, rumor has it Eden and Lucas made it to the 2017 English Shepherd calendar!  Yay! I submitted 3 pics with the both of them, 2 working shots and 1 posed.  I bet they chose the posed, since it seems like that’s what they’ve preferred the past few years.  I’ll be buying one nevertheless… I’m happy with making it!*



Looking for a Calendar Shot — 7 Comments

  1. I also like photo 4 best, and photo 3, second best. Is this early for your ranch to get snow ? Congratulations on getting your dog photos selected for the ESC calendar.

  2. I just received my “Shepherds Call” and send you happy tail wags from Sandy and me that Lucas and Eden DID make the ESC calendar! Congrats!

    Great wintry pictures today.

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