Trunk or Treat

It’s time once again for Trunk or Treat at the Ten Sleep Town Park.

There was this REALLY SCARY GHOST that came out of the Red Hills and took candy from everyone!  Oh, my, he was SCARY!

Q ghostThen Thomas the Tank Engine came along.  He was a little unsure of things, but as usual, learned a lesson that when you’re with your mom, and say “trick or treat”, strange characters CAN give you candy!

J thomasThe girls seemed to be taken over by My Little Ponies!  Lorelei became Rainbow Dash and Lacee Twilight Sparkle.

little poniesI don’t know, Tess, with this pose Lacee looks like next year she could be SuperGirl!

supergirlThe part of the evening that cracked me up?  D. ran out of candy, gave his costume away, and had nothing left… so he offered kids rides on his tail gate lift.  He restocked with candy, put it on his toolbox, and lifted kids into his truck bed.  It was a hit with the younger set!


I hope you had a fun Halloween!


Trunk or Treat — 4 Comments

  1. Great costumes and all of them “prize winners” I think. Nice to see your grandkids having such a fun/scary time. The fall color of the tree in the background is so vivid…your trees in Wyoming have turned but we are still
    pretty light green.

  2. Yikes, that is a scary ghost! I love seeing the photos of the little trick or treaters. They are all so cute. Kids really love Halloween.

  3. Super pictures of the GKs having fun. Thomas does to to travel far and wide. Love the colour of the trees in background. Yep, Fall is certainly with you and with me.

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