I hate it when I do this… I cannot find my camera ANYWHERE.  How can I DO this?????  Ugh.

Pulled out an old one… I’m disgusted at the amount of dust on the interior of the lens… so I didn’t take any photos.

The guys worked on a water line… always fun when it’s in the 20˚’s.

I finally put up my outside lights… but there’s still that pile of Christmas boxes and unused decorations in the middle of the mud room!  I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to finish decorating… maybe it’s because I’ve been finishing watching “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” and reading Drums of Autumn.  I mean, I try to fold laundry while watching, but sometimes… well, you probably know…

And, can I help it if all of a sudden it’s 8:30 and my coffee is cold and my breakfast has mechanically disappeared because I’m sitting there with my nose in a good book???  Maybe someday I will be organized!



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  1. I just finished Miss Fisher also, and while I didn’t attempt folding laundry, I did manage to knit and spin a bit. Also, what’s happening with Longmire? Will there be a season six?

  2. TOTALLY agree with Holly above re: organization. Vastly overrated. I cannot tell you how many arguments have started with (me), “I can’t find my__________ anywhere!”
    And the person sharing my living quarters comes back with a perfectly reasonable and definitely superior, “Where is the last place you had it?”

    Those words have started more arguments than any others…..ever.

  3. It’s hanging by its strap on a hook in the mud room under a jacket you haven’t worn the last couple days because of the weather. Now, if you actually find it there, what do I get? ;-D

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