Unfortunately, I spent the day developing a closer relationship with my dentist.

That led to me sitting on the couch this evening, vegetating and not being constructive in the least.  I dialed in “For The Love of Spock”, a movie about Leonard Nimoy and his Star Trek character, Spock.  Made by Adam Nimoy, it was quite the enjoyable little documentary.

Yes, I was that nerdy little girl, tape recording the show, and memorizing dialog.  I loved those Kirk speeches the best!  “Risk!  Risk is our business!”  Nothing irks me so much these days, as watching a show I’ve seen a zillion times and knowing which scenes they’ve had to cut in order to fit it in with today’s commercials.

Oh, I was William Shatner’s fan first… but I know Kirk would be nothing without Spock and McCoy!

How did I get on this topic on this ranching blog???  Oh, yeah.  Dentistry.  Where an xray can be shown to me almost immediately, where a crown can be made in house in under 6 minutes.  Where a tooth still has to be tugged out of your jaw… well, so we’re partway to Star Trek!

Anyway, sorry for the rambling…

When all else fails, I should just shut up and post a pretty picture.


(Which reminds me of a story my dad used to tell…)


Really done.

cottontailA little cottontail rabbit in the snow.


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  1. The bunny rabbit is so cute! How did you catch him sitting so nicely for your photo! Ha! It looks like he is looking up at you thinking, “did you get a good shot yet.”

  2. I think the sofa and TV are the best friends we need when not feeling well. My now 40 something kids would spend there ‘not very well time’ watching the 1980’s Anne of Green Gables. I used to join them. As for commercials. Well, we in Middle England have the BBC. No, yes I mean NO commercials . So we have had a full hour (yes 60 minutes) on three nights last week on Yellowstone. Winter, spring and summer recorded January – August 2016. It documented how different animals coped with the early thaw, Spring and Summer. So relaxing without commercials. Stunning scenery and animals.

  3. I am a Star Trek fan myself. I thought the characters played against each other nicely. We’ve been watching the spin offs at my house. The TV series were the best.
    Bunnies always seem like their feet should get cold.

  4. Is that the Real Mr. Peter Cottontail, on his way down the bunny trail? Without Google/Bing, do you remember what he was bringing and who sang about it? Geeze, I Really Must Be a Geezer…!

    Great picture…

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