Eagles As My Witness

The plan was to get our cows ready for calving season… Giving them a couple of shots and some pour-on so that they’ll be at their healthiest when their babies are born.  Think of it as bovine forms of pre-natal vitamins, some antibodies, and, uh, wormer.

We always have some neighbors come help, and we’ll repay them soon with our help, so a big lunch was going to be necessary.  I decided on good ol’ meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad, and green beans… which is ok, but it’s hard to go help with the cows and boil potatoes and put a meatloaf and brownies in the oven at the appropriate times.

By the time I had things cooking away, I knew I wasn’t going to run down the four miles and help *really work*, so I just relaxed and let them come to the food when they were ready.  I did go down after lunch, but they were just finishing up when I arrived.

Well, we all know when the work is done… there’s usually more work to do!  Sure enough, they put me to work trailing one bunch down the road to the other place.  Johnny took the lead… and Eden and I were behind.

It was a wonderfully gorgeous Wyoming winter day… The cows knew where to go… The sun was shining…

movingwitnessI took a silly selfie of Eden and I… Her first time riding on a four-wheeler….

selfieAn amazing time with only eagles as my witness.



Eagles As My Witness — 12 Comments

    • You would love it here right now… TONS of eagles around. Saw a golden this morning about as big as a fence post! She was HUGE. I see and hear them all the time…

  1. The look on Lucas’s face is so sweet. Love that photo of you and him! It looked like a beautiful day, with such a bright blue sky and sunshine!

  2. Aw, this is the sweetest selfie! Looks like Eden entirely agrees with you on the amazing time. And I love that you got such a lovely reward for all the cooking!!

  3. Love the selfie and your blue sky. Can’t even see my hills today. Hidden in with low cloud or fog. Take your pick. A grey day when your ‘get up and go’ also stays hidden. Sunshine where are you!!!!!!!!!!!

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