Well, it made me smile, just because I’ve done the exact same thing…

qWhile I munched away on my hamburger, Quinlan began to draw the sales ring.  He did a pretty good job of it, too.

drawingThere’s two cows in the ring, and he’s drawn in the ring men behind their safety barriers… plus three auctioneers with their computer screens for internet bidding.  Up above them is the bidding screen with weights and prices, plus the speakers.  Surrounding the ring is the audience of buyers and sellers.  Oh, don’t forget the gates for entry and exit for the cattle.

I think he did great… all done without encouragement or correction.

He is quite the arteest!!!


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  1. Great drawing Quinlan. He has an eye for details. Middle England is a winter wonderland today. Good for those who can stay in. Wonderful for many 6 year olds who have never seen much snow. 6″-8″ for us.

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