Mercury Glass

Every little bit, I’m trying to squeeze in some crafting.

‘Tis the season, dontchya know?

I’m on a mercury glass kick right now… Those old, mottled, silvered/mirrored glass objects… not the real stuff, I probably couldn’t afford those.  Just a remake.

I took some old vases and bottles…

bottlesand some of Krylon’s cool mirror spray paint…

I spritzed the inside with vinegar and water mix, sprayed in the paint, let it dry, gave it a couple of coats ending with a dab of gold spray paint and a layer of black paint… and they turned out like this.

mercury glass

Then I started looking around for other things to do.  This old-style picture frame caught my eye… and I turned it into a vintage mirror that looks like it came from my grandmother’s house.

vintage mirrorNow I’m on the search for other objects I can do this to!


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