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I hope my little video from yesterday played well for everyone.  It was a short one, so I just uploaded it like a normal photo… but it did require you to click on the link.  For those of you who couldn’t or wouldn’t… here’s yesterday in photos…


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  1. Loved the video and the photos too! That is amazing to see moms and babies kept together.
    There is so much more to cattle ranching than I imagined. 🙂

  2. The video played just fine. I couldn’t find it at first, because it wasn’t at the bottom of your text. Then I clicked on the word, pairing, in a different colored title and, voila. Enjoyed it and the pictures today.

  3. seeing the cattle on the highway reminded me of one of my trips, a few years back,I was in S.W Louisiana, right along the coast,driving down the highway & a herd of cows coming right toward me, I stopped,the cattle split & went by on each side, there were cowboys also, & the cattle sure were different than yours- I call’em “coastal” cows, lots of ear, color, & horns- great trip!!

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