One More Trip

Taking a little break from Yellowstone… with winter storm warnings appearing all over Wyoming, it was time to bring the cows off of our high mountain pasture.

Yes, a little bit of winter had hit the day before, and we were prepared to ride in the freezing cold.  Truth was, it was a bit warmer up here than down at my house, though I don’t have snow in my yard quite yet.

We will drop off from 8000′ to about 6000′ on this trail… my knees will attest to that!

Dropping through the snow line…Hey, look!  All three of my kids in one photo!!

Right about here, you know you are definitely overdressed!!!  Long johns and Carhartt not needed now… but the end is in sight.

Brandon counts them through the gate… ta-da!

After a much delayed lunch… we all stretch out and take a break before heading back home… One more trip down the mountain – complete!


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  1. What a wonderful family day! So glad you got the cows down! Thanks for your hard work and thanks for the beautiful pics of our great country amazing!

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