Yellowstone Steam

I mean, really… you HAVE to check out the steam in Yellowstone whether it’s from geysers, fumaroles, or vents.  We didn’t go to the most famous… Old Faithful gets all the publicity, but we’ve “been there/done that”, and we wanted to take the time to see the lesser known attractions.

Roaring Mountain used to be heard for miles… but was quiet the day we were there.  Steam forcing its way through the ground, depending on obstructions, can create various sounds.

There are many like Mud Volcano… where heat and chemicals actually liquify the surrounding rock.  While there isn’t a great deal of water involved, there’s enough to keep it bubbling away.

Sulphur Cauldron has a nice yellow green cast to it… and the smell wasn’t as bad as I expected!

Mammoth Hot Springs is a place I’d take the time to walk around if I were you… great terraces, many trails, historic Fort Yellowstone, and a big visitor’s center.

I was focused on getting to Grand Prismatic Spring… and it’ll have its own post… but the coolest little gem we found was called Dragon’s Mouth Spring.  It gurgled and blew steam, pressure from inside the cave created wave action in the spring.  It was easy to understand the name, at any moment you could envision a dragon emerging!  It was my favorite for action, name, and noise!

I’ve added a little poor video to give you an idea… I should have focused more on the water and less on the steam!  Oh, well, you get the idea!

Dragon’s Mouth Spring from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Yellowstone Steam — 6 Comments

  1. Love all your photos. The BBC did a series of three documentaries on Yellowstone. They make for a relaxing watch. An amazing place.

  2. I’ve been to Yellowstone several times but never saw all this … only Old Faithful, the lodge by the same name, and the canyon. This was wonderful. (Also wonderful are the horseback rides to see the country through Panama’s alert ears.)

  3. Wow! now I’ve seen much more of Yellowstone than I ever had. We needed to
    stay longer and see more than the Old Faithful and Falls area. Beautiful pictures.

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