Bovine Interruption

While I was going great guns on my table for a few days, it is April 15. While that may mean “tax day” to you… it means “turn out day” for us in one allotment.

I volunteered to babysit… honestly, thinking it might give me some time to work on my table. Well, that didn’t happen… but I did make it down to take a few photos of the final minutes of everyone else’s workday.

Paired up and moved down the highway just a bit, Brandon, Tessia, and Megan follow the last ones.

Some needed a tad bit of encouragement.

It is nice when you’re working along the highway… and the cowboys can say hello…


Bovine Interruption — 4 Comments

  1. What is that fastened to the headrest in front of her? Is she not wearing a seat-belt (I am in California) or is that not required in Wyoming?

    Neat to watch what’s going on.

    • It’s a bracket for holding a tablet so they can watch movies in the back seat. She has her seatbelt on and is in her booster seat.

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