Day One

Design day one… It’s difficult to see, but I’ve sketched out some simple designs… each section has a book in it… after all, this table will return to the library. And then I start… … Continue reading


Starting a new project… this one is for the library… I will keep you updated on my progress… hopefully, that will encourage me to hurry up and keep working! This little table is getting reworked. First step is sanding. Luckily, … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday

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Wordless Wednesday – Side Canyon

Note: having problems with embedding the puzzle. If you’re desperate, you can go to Jigsaw Planet dot com and search for Red Dirt In My Soul. Otherwise, I’ll work on getting it posted tomorrow. Sorry about the inconvenience! Update: Click … Continue reading

Every Day

Sunday was perfect kite flying day… tomorrow we will probably be covered in snow… We’re thankful for every day. … Continue reading