Part Two Q&A

Well, my video from yesterday was long… but I continued to chat along, making various short movies from my day… so I’m posting them on Facebook and linking back to here.  Sorry to those who don’t like Facebook links.  They … Continue reading

Questions and Answers Video September 2018

Finally!  After starting the upload process this morning… at four in the afternoon, I finally get notice that it is complete! Of course, it is a long video… I take you along on a ride… answering questions and showing you … Continue reading

Testing Video Link

So… it’s easy to upload a video to Facebook. I’m trying to see if I can link to it here, so everyone can see it… even those of you who aren’t on Facebook! Testing to see how well this works… … Continue reading

Hugelkultur Video

2013.  Seriously.  It was 2013 when I found out about hugelkultur and decided I’d give it a shot!  Everyone wanted me to test drive it, and avoid the work themselves… well, five years later, I think it’s a success… and … Continue reading

Pony Time

Start your day with this little gem… I’m brushing Jackpot.  Remember him?  He’s grown, but not that much.  He’s about 10 months old.  He’s weaned. He leads. He’s still too young to do too much with, but I brush him … Continue reading