Favorite Videos

Let’s carry on with the ten year celebration with a look at videos.  I post all of my videos over on vimeo.com instead of youtube.  Yes, I know, people always go to youtube, but I like the quality of videos … Continue reading

Happy Tenth Blogoversary!

Well, I hope this video says it all… Ten Year Blogoversary from Carol Greet on Vimeo.   … Continue reading


Re-watched videos… Took notes… Ta-da! (note the chickens and the whitetail bucks and raindrops!  double-click to see it full sized) Rainclouds from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse Time Lapse

Yes, once again, #tbt is cancelled.  I need to find more old photos! This is my time lapse video. It covers the entire eclipse, although I slowed it way down in the middle so you could actually SEE the eclipse.  … Continue reading

The Video: In Which I See Shadow Snakes

(Sorry… I’m watching the Horatio Hornblower series again… and my phrases are becoming very 18th Century…) So this is the video from my handheld camera which becomes painfully obvious quite quickly.  Totality has just struck, in my enthusiasm I’ve punched … Continue reading