Back to the Barn

No, not Born in a Barn, but back to it.  We started a remodel job of sorts a while ago.  Tired of stacking saddles three high in our little tack room, we expanded it.  However, we never really finished it. … Continue reading

Barn Tunnel

Tess and I spent this cool morning working in the barn… While Tess sorted through racks of bridles… I screwed some boards into place. What was an open area now has boards to funnel the bales to the appropriate spot … Continue reading

Start Somewhere

Miss me? I worked late at our library’s astronomy program last night… We had a guest speaker with an 8″ Dobsonian telescope.  Since one of those is on my When-I-win-the-lottery List, I *had* to hang around until late. No #tbt … Continue reading

#TBT : Snow on the Ground

Since most of Wyoming is reeling from a winter storm… and we are dry but cold… I pulled up a winter photo for you.  I assume they are putting more hay in the top of the barn.  That’s where we … Continue reading

Last Breath

The end of an era… The second most photographed barn in Wyoming has finally lost its battle with gravity… Here she is May of 2014… looking sad as her second floor collapsed… Floodwaters surrounded her… but she was hanging on! … Continue reading