Mystery in the Chicken Coop Conclusion… or is it?

Gee. It sounds like NO ONE LIKES CLIFFHANGERS! I will tell you the conclusion to the mystery, but, first, this commercial interruption… Although I usually write my blogs at night to post the next morning, sometimes that plays havoc with … Continue reading

Saga of the Video of the Mystery in the Chicken Coop!

Did you ever play Clue?  The game where you had to choose Miss Scarlett or Colonel Mustard in the Library or the Conservatory (as a kid I never knew what a conservatory was… but it’s a greenhouse attached to a … Continue reading


I know who did it. I have it on film. For four hours now, I have been fighting with my GoPro to be able to share it with you. This could be the first time I actually cuss on this … Continue reading

Second Time Lapse

Second time lapse. I was guessing at the direction and angle… since my GoPro doesn’t have a screen and it wouldn’t talk to my iPad, this is what I managed to capture.  Although it’s not bad, I certainly would have … Continue reading


The countdown is continuing for the Total Solar Eclipse… One thing I wanted to do for it was have a time lapse of the landscape.  That meant pulling out my sadly neglected GoPro and trying to figure it out AGAIN.  … Continue reading