On occasion, I wander down and help the guys with this project. For years, Brandon has been fighting with an old corrugated pipe at the beginning of his irrigation ditch. Over the past few days, they’ve ripped out the old, … Continue reading

Pre-Winter Items

It’s our most successful fundraiser for the library, but I’m glad the Harvest Dinner is over, it seems to really keep us hopping!  Now we have to do our regular work, clear the book sale, get ready for judging our … Continue reading

Heads Up – continued

I started this little story on irrigation preparation yesterday…  You might want to read this entry first. Vernon had to jump into the creek with his shovel… more to test the depth of what he’d already cleaned out than to … Continue reading

Heads Up

Ha. I am back to being Top Hand again… just like the old days. The boys have taken a short “break” (more on that in the future – maybe!) and so, I step back in as a pitiful and weak … Continue reading

Horribly Tough Job

With the weather finally kicked into summer gear, we are all running around… trying to finish up this and start that… repair this so that will work… figure out how to do this and get it done before the sun … Continue reading