#TBT: Buffalo Bill Museum

A photo postcard from the Buffalo Bill Museum… no date.

Very interesting to locals as it is now composed of five different museums… The Buffalo Bill Museum, Whitney Western Art Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Draper Natural History Museum, and The Plains Indian Museum.  Definitely a worthy stop if you’re traveling to Yellowstone Country and Cody, Wyoming.

buffalo bill museum

Wordless Wednesday – “After Work”

previewAfter Work

Kyle Petty Charity Ride

I interrupt the continuing branding photos in order to share what happened in Ten Sleep today!

The Kyle Petty Charity Ride stopped in town for almost an hour.  We were happy to be one of the designated “pit stops” on this fundraising tour.


If they had ridden in yesterday, they would have enjoyed a pleasant day… as it was, they enjoyed some fickle spring weather with rain and snow over the mountain.

They ride to raise money for Victory Junction, a children’s cancer charity… and Ten Sleep’s kids turned out to show their support.  The entire school, K-12, came down to welcome them!

kpcrkpcrkpcr(hey, I know that kid!)

I showed up with a partner to sell the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library’s little headscarves used by motorcyclists and climbers.  We sold some, but accepted donations from the riders as well.

The rain intensified and if the riders didn’t have their rain gear on when they arrived, they sure did when they left!


It was a fun and inspiring little event for Ten Sleep.


Every Day is A Good Day

After the work of branding is done… and a good meal is eaten… there’s more work to do.  We brand after we gather cattle from one pasture, and now it’s time to send them to another pasture.  I haven’t ridden this for a couple of years, and so it was very nice to go along on this little jaunt this year.

bridgeThe first obstacle is crossing the bridge… and the girls line out like champs!

fieldThey weren’t crazy about the freshly plowed field… it’s soft and hard work walking across it!

runnerVictoria and C. return a calf who wanted to go back.

high roadThey have to be encouraged to take the high road, not the low road next to the creek…

valleyThere’s a little bit of easy going where you can enjoy the view.

pairThen we hold them in the fence corner of the new pasture to mother them up.

pairAs each cow finds her baby, we ease them out of the bunch and send them uphill.

uphillThey’ve learned the good pasture is up and over this hill… and so they trudge on.

cowboysIt doesn’t hurt to have a few strategically placed cowboys though…

steepC. gets a good look at the trail.

rockyIt’s the epitome of a steep and rocky trail.

downOnce the cows are over the ridge and happy with their new location… we head back downhill… What goes up, must come down.  This trail is not for the faint of heart!

As C. said… “Every day here is a good day!”

I couldn’t agree more.