Kids and Calves

bottle calfThere’s a lot of suction power from a calf, and this one keeps sucking the bottle lower and lower!

bottle calfThe girls are petting the soft hair…

bottle calfIt doesn’t take long to drink a bottle!

bottle calfLorelei barely made it in time to hold the bottle!


Copper Wrap

I spent an afternoon on this… It’s not my design, simply one I copied off of Pinterest.  It was my first bracelet that I’ve made, so I felt I should follow a successful pattern!

I like it.  Yes, my wrists are huge, so it is a big bracelet, but that’s just how it is.  It is copper.  I think I will leave it shiny rather than oxidizing it.

braceletI’m ready to try another… but, if days continue like today, which I think I spent mostly outside… I may have to just have this as my evening activity!


#TBT: House

houseAn old photo of Johnny’s house.  It was log with an added on porch.  The log has been sided over and the new porch and extra addition now exist.  No date.  Taken from above the bunk house looking towards Daniel and Tess’s house (my old house) across the field.

Wordless Wednesday – “Baby Face”

previewBaby Face Puzzle