That Grin

Longmire Days was fun… definitely more people this year, although I really only felt it at the street dance.  I didn’t push for photos or autographs, but just enjoyed the visits, the food, the craft fair, the town of Buffalo, aka, Durant, which I enjoy every time I visit.

I’ve more to share at a later point, but it was back to work, moving cows today.

We were a bit late, Brandon having to irrigate before we headed down, so I had him drop me off to start beating the brush on foot.  It’s almost easier, this pasture needs cleaned up!  Too many willows, thistles, hound’s tongue, and trees infested with web worms.  It’s difficult to ride through horseback.  If I could, I’d put a goat herd down in here… but no one but me wants to do that!

sunupThere’s also the Really Narrow Trail that we’ve blocked off.  It’s hard to tell, but there’s a 40′ or 50′ drop to the creek right here.  It’s time to move the fence a bit… It’s on The List of Things To Do.

dropWe trailed the pairs to the corral, where we gave the calves a booster shot, and branded a few of the very late calves.  We then turned them out and trailed them back.

Something was different.

cowboysWe’d acquired a pair of top hands.  They rode along the mile out and back… and had a great time!

sweetHow cute can you get????

grinAnd that grin says it all, right???

Longmire Sunset

Everyone was treated to a stunning sunset as we departed Longmire Days and headed home… More pics tomorrow!


Happy birthday, Mom. Love you.  Miss you.  Thanks for the great sunset tonight!

Why I Farm

A little while ago, I had a visit from a determined young lady named Natalina Sents.  She was working on a project called Why I Farm.  Sponsored by Beck’s, a seed company, the goal is simply to recognize farmers (and ranchers!), share their stories, and connect with consumers.  Today, only 2% of Americans are farmers.  What a radical change from a couple of generations ago!

Beck’s started with a few farmers and posted their stories.  It grew in popularity, and when Natalina graduated from college, her goal was to travel to each of the 50 states in a year and interview farmers and ranchers.  Beck’s helped fund her dream entitled Why I Farm Roadtrip.

She came to see me on a rainy day… I was actually her very last interview!  (Thanks, R. G., who recommended we meet up!)  I told her some history, and introduced her to Vernon, Daniel, and Johnny… She took some photos… and today, she posted my story.

Natalina, you did an amazing job, and I wish you the best in whatever future endeavor you undertake!  Thanks to you, your dream, and Beck’s, our story is being shared with a big audience who now know why I farm



#TBT: Longmire Redux

So my first post about Longmire Days (not about Craig Johnson!) was four years ago, I guess.  It’s not a LONG time ago, but I figured it qualified for #TBT anyway.

And, it’s appropriate because Longmire Days is coming up this weekend again!


Here it is.

That post also has a great old photo of my studio and its dirt floor!!! It’s come a long way, baby!

If you’d like to see more Longmire/Craig Johnson posts, just type the names in the search box on the right sidebar… You’ll see Craig with all his visits to the library as well.  I also have made Longmire videos… and this one… Then there’s the BEST PHOTO from Longmire Days 2015

We shall see what I get this year!

(Longmire just finished filming its sixth and final season which should be out in September.  Longmire Days will continue, according to Craig Johnson, even if the tv show doesn’t… because, well… THERE ARE ALWAYS THE BOOKS!)