A Little Wet

We will be weaning tomorrow… and in preparation, we water down the corrals.  Dust can be your enemy when calves, already stressed from leaving their mothers, breathe all that dust into their lungs.  They can easily get sick… and, possibly, die.

This time of year, especially this year… Wyoming *is* Dust.

The corrals at home have had sprinklers running…

Vernon and I hauled some water up to the mountain corral and sprayed some around… sucking up more tankfuls from the pond in the horse pasture and spraying it as well.  It’s hours of work, and the dry dust sucks it up like a sponge.  It’s just a little, but we hope it will be enough.



The Big Tipi

Another adventure…

This time to Lost Cabin, Wyoming for a tour of The Big Tipi, aka J.B. Okie’s mansion.  Known as the Sheep King of Central Wyoming, he was an intelligent businessman with big plans.

I’ve driven past this house FOREVER… Well, ever since I’ve been married… and have wondered about it.  I’ve wanted to go inside and see what was left… and today, thanks to a family friend, we had a tour.  All of the original furnishings were sold by the former owners… but the house definitely retains its charm.

Okie Mansion

It is owned by ConocoPhillips but the caretaker and his wife gave us the tour.

fireplaceThere are multiple original fireplaces (imported from France), some original wallpaper and plaster of paris ornamentation… tin ceilings and butler’s pantry…

lightGreat lights (converted to electric, of course), call buttons that ran to colored lights in the servant’s quarters (not the bells of Downton Abbey!), and an intercom system from the second floor to the kitchen (breakfast in bed, anyone?)

porchThe wrap-around porch was glassed in by the second Mrs. Okie… and the view from the cupola was gorgeous since our blue skies have returned!

cupolaI’m anxious to read more about Mr. Okie…

Thanks, P., for getting us this tour!


A few pics to make you grin…

They’re sure growing!


That Barn Again

Wooohoooo, a day to play… at Born in a Barn over by Sheridan!

Born in a Barn

I’ve gone many times to this event, and have enjoyed them all… For someone that doesn’t like to “shop”, I can spend all day at things like this… It’s a real Pinterest party full of talented people and their crafts.


My favorites???

Jewelry from Wyoming Custom Designs… yes, I bought a necklace… no, she doesn’t have a website.

Metal benches with wool padded tops and multiple drawers (no, I didn’t buy one).  They also had some very cool lights from ropes and old pieces of machinery and Edison style bulbs… (no, I didn’t buy one of those either).  Wish I could remember their name…

Tons of cool photos from Stacey Ellenwood Photography... she and I have a lot in common!

It’s a fun atmosphere…complete with chickens…