This occupied my morning… Since I’m stuck with posting from my ipad tonight, I’m only going to share the end result.  This is Mace, he’s Lucas’ half brother.  I didn’t quite capture him… He needs width between his eyes, a blockier head, SOMETHING!

But since this is my first attempt with pastel pencils, I’ll give myself some credit!  I think I’m going to like them, once I figure out a trick or two.  They’re a bit tricky…



Tricky — 7 Comments

  1. For a first attempt, you’ve done things with amazing things with the pencils. If you want my take, his eyes are smaller and need more space between them. Also more space between the ears, and his head and muzzle need to be rounder/fuller. If you don’t want my take, sorry, just ignore that, please! lol

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