Happy #TBT, or Something

Yes, yes, it’s Thursday… where’s the #TBT? Well, see… I knew I’d missed it… my BLOGOVERSARY was January 20th!!!  I mean, that’s kinda typical… I’m always late with presents or birthday cards or whatever… I NEVER seem to get my … Continue reading

#TBT: “Zula’s Cabin”

Of particular interest to my friend and dedicated reader, D. My mother-in-law’s aunt was Zula.  She married Rouse Anderson.  To you locals, that explains how the Greets and Andersons are related! This photo reads: “Nowood homestead where Zula was born.” … Continue reading

#TBT: Way Back Wishes

While last week’s #tbt was a photo of my grandparents… I went back another step to my *great* grandfather shown seated in this photo.  His name was Kennedy Underwood and he was a full blood Choctaw.  Born around 1860 in … Continue reading

#TBT: Antlers Quartet

Well, I just can’t post old photos of the Greets… I have 50% of the genes around here! This is a great photo of the Antlers Quartet, a singing group in Antlers, Oklahoma composed of my grandfather, Victor Underwood (on … Continue reading

#TBT: The Original

A photo of the original Greet homestead cabin located on Spring Creek, south of Ten Sleep.  The homestead was filed on in 1891, a year after Wyoming became a state.  It doesn’t exist any more. … Continue reading