Wordless Wednesday – “Lotta Country”

(from a couple of weeks ago…)  (there’s a 500′ canyon just in front of me!)  (click on the puzzle below for some fun) Lotta Country Puzzle … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Rocky Mountains”

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Wordless Wednesday – “Big Horn Mountain Sunset Video”

Big Horn Mountain Sunset from Carol Greet on Vimeo. music is “Slow Down” by Chris LeDoux … Continue reading

Longmire Sunset

Doggone it! Spent too much time figuring out the new upgrade to iMovie… and now it will take too long to process, upload, and embed here.  So… rats.  No Longmire movie tonight. I’m *not* staying up another hour… Instead of … Continue reading

Four Minutes of My Day

I’ve had my shower, removed some trail dust, and I’m currently sipping on some of the *finest wine*.  OK.  Charles Shaw.  From Trader Joe’s. <It was reported that my previous link had malware attached to it.  So sorry.  Please don’t let … Continue reading