You’re pleasantly happy with your presents… You’ve eaten too much great food… You’ve laughed with friends and family… And there’s that little niggling thought that maybe you’d like to spoil yourself just a bit. A smidge. A teeeeeeeny tiiiiiiny little … Continue reading


Ha!  Finally! I *did* accomplish something today! I changed up some photos on my calendar at the last minute (thank you, Facebook followers!), and my 2018 calendar is now up for sale on  Buy it using this link. They … Continue reading

Calendar Promise

The guys do various projects according to the weather and if it froze the night before.  We are in that uncertain state where you can go anywhere in your pickup so long as the ground remains frozen.  If or when … Continue reading

Calendar Lessons

Well, lesson learned.  I didn’t keep promoting my little calendar contest… and also, I seemed to make it too hard as well! But you can’t change the rules afterwards, can you? Nevertheless, I’d like to thank those who *did* read … Continue reading

Calendar and a Contest!

It’s currently 18˚ with six or so inches of snow on the ground… and, I stayed inside all day!  A bit of housework, but for the most part, I let my calendar rule my day. It’s finished. It’s ready for … Continue reading