Old Cowhands

With branding accomplished, it’s been time to move the cattle out to various pastures.  Some go here… some go there… Some are easy, short rides… some not so much!  It just depends.  All of our property is not contiguous.  While … Continue reading

#TBT: Hereford Branding

No date.  Branding Herefords. … Continue reading

#TBT: Calendar Cowboys

In among collected old photos was this calendar from 1965.  The photo’s caption is “Roundup Crew on Nowood River – 1908”.  While not directly linked to us, there are many degrees of interest here. In 1908, the Greets were still … Continue reading

#TBT: Two Cowboys

Two cowboys pose in front of our bunkhouse… part of which you can see here, as well.  Looks like it doesn’t even have its sod roof yet! No names.  No date. … Continue reading