I didn’t have a chance to go back to Longmire Days today… and, yes, seeing friends’ photo posts on Facebook with actors, directors, and production folks have made me a slight shade of green.  (There are lots of live videos … Continue reading

God Bless Chris LeDoux

Vernon:  Well, are we going tonight? Me:  I don’t know… are we? Vernon:  What time were you going to leave? Me: Music starts over there at 6:30. Vernon:  Well, I’ll go irrigate.  Then we can go. Inside Me:  YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! … Continue reading


The guys were called out with the first lightning fires of the season.  It’s awfully early to start fighting fire.  I didn’t venture down to see if I could get a photo or two… But I did take some photos … Continue reading

North x Northwest

With branding over, it’s now time to split up the herd into smaller ones.  The guys like to do this since it is so much easier to see which bulls are with which cows…  They spend a great deal of … Continue reading