I keep seeing friends sharing photos that have been filtered through the Prisma app. I had to join in. My favorite (newest) photo of Brandon using different filters… … Continue reading

Greeley Hat Works

(Reminder: I won a contest from Beef Magazine for one of my Cowboy Santa photographs.  This is the result!) The flying trip to Greeley was over last night, and we even arrived home at a decent hour, but I didn’t … Continue reading

The Fault in My Stars

Well, I thought it was me… fighting and losing the battle for night photography… I thought I was stupid (well, I am with the GoPro!)… but today, after a short discussion with a lady who is a much better photographer … Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions

Pardon me… but it’s gonna be one of those times when I toot my own horn. Multiple times in the history of this blog, I’ve entered a post or two in some competition.  Most contests I pass by because they’re … Continue reading

Relish the Light

Afternoon thunderstorms roll in and by… They may hit with wind and rain and lightning and maybe hail, or they skip around us and all we get is wind!  The gust the other day was 55 mph, just a breeze … Continue reading