#TBT : Kid’s Dream

Well, this would be many children’s dream come true… This photo is of our longtime neighbor and friend, G.  He told us he drove this little buggy and pony to school and everywhere he wanted to go!  He put many … Continue reading

#TBT : Snow on the Ground

Since most of Wyoming is reeling from a winter storm… and we are dry but cold… I pulled up a winter photo for you.  I assume they are putting more hay in the top of the barn.  That’s where we … Continue reading

#TBT: Golden Rule Grocer Co.

I’m researching my family heritage… using different ways to decipher all the information out there besides just using ancestry.com.  I’m presenting a Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy class in a couple of weeks, and figured a few examples of thinking outside … Continue reading

#TBT: Saddle Up

No caption.  No date.  Just a bunch of cowboys saddling up next to the cook tent. … Continue reading

#TBT: Cabin and Dogs

This is possibly Ernest and Louise Greet at their cabin with their dogs. I thought their cabin was on Otter Creek… but maybe I’m thinking of William Greet.  Genealogy gets so confusing… especially when the places don’t look right!  No … Continue reading