Favorite Photos

OK.  On paper this looks like a great idea.  What are your favorite pics from ten years of blogging??? It’s impossible!  I figure I have well over 60,000 photos.  Obviously, I don’t hit the delete button enough. Put yourself in … Continue reading


I keep seeing friends sharing photos that have been filtered through the Prisma app. I had to join in. My favorite (newest) photo of Brandon using different filters… … Continue reading

Greeley Hat Works

(Reminder: I won a contest from Beef Magazine for one of my Cowboy Santa photographs.  This is the result!) The flying trip to Greeley was over last night, and we even arrived home at a decent hour, but I didn’t … Continue reading

The Fault in My Stars

Well, I thought it was me… fighting and losing the battle for night photography… I thought I was stupid (well, I am with the GoPro!)… but today, after a short discussion with a lady who is a much better photographer … Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions

Pardon me… but it’s gonna be one of those times when I toot my own horn. Multiple times in the history of this blog, I’ve entered a post or two in some competition.  Most contests I pass by because they’re … Continue reading