Every Day is A Good Day

After the work of branding is done… and a good meal is eaten… there’s more work to do.  We brand after we gather cattle from one pasture, and now it’s time to send them to another pasture.  I haven’t ridden … Continue reading

Splash Zone

Have you ever been in wet jeans?  I mean like, “jump-in-a-swimming-pool” wet?  Have you tried to peel them down your legs, or pull them back up?  Then, have you tried to move? Like, bend your knees… think… getting on a … Continue reading

The Future

Daniel has a new Aussie puppy.. Tuff. He got to go along on the gather and trail drive. Look at his tulip ears!! He followed Dally often… This is the best trail to have a puppy on.  No cows on … Continue reading

How Lucky

My favorite trail drive of the year… bringing the cows off the top of the Big Horn Mountains. It looks like they’ll fall off the top of the world… Never fear, there *is* a hillside to run down.  Well, I … Continue reading

Reader’s Digest Day

A few different things to write about tonight, the “new” dog, moving heifers, and a terrific rainstorm tonight… but, I’m so sore… and my eyes have slammed shut just sitting here looking at pics.  I really can’t spend too much … Continue reading