Mercury Glass

Every little bit, I’m trying to squeeze in some crafting. ‘Tis the season, dontchya know? I’m on a mercury glass kick right now… Those old, mottled, silvered/mirrored glass objects… not the real stuff, I probably couldn’t afford those.  Just a … Continue reading


Well, it made me smile, just because I’ve done the exact same thing… While I munched away on my hamburger, Quinlan began to draw the sales ring.  He did a pretty good job of it, too. There’s two cows in … Continue reading


After dropping my two dogs off at the vet’s for another romantic appointment, we flew down to Riverton, Wyoming.  It was sale day for some of our yearling heifers. It all hinges on three minutes of auctioneering… but there’s all … Continue reading

#TBT: Young Daddy

With the possibility of some acupuncture in Lucas’ future now that the Good Doctor’s partner is certified for it, I thought I’d revisit Lucas’ one and only session way back in 2009.  The video is here if you’d like to … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Soft Winter Light”

Soft Winter Light … Continue reading