Rain Days

Finally. Rain. Lots of it.  An inch and a half as of this writing… which is great moisture for a dry steppe country like Wyoming. Rain days are vacation days for ranchers… go to town on a rainy day, and … Continue reading

What a Memory! (aka Total Solar Eclipse 2017)

Pull out the thesaurus and find some new, descriptive words. Stunning. Gorgeous. Fabulous. Awe-inspiring.  Breathtaking.  Wondrous.  Moving. It was all of those and many more. The 2017 Wyoming Version of the Total Solar Eclipse was GREAT. Oh, sure, there were  … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Blossoms on Ice”

Blossoms on Ice Puzzle … Continue reading

Old-fashioned Storm

We spent most of the day without power… no biggee there, I’m set with a gas stove for cooking and wood stove for heat… it does really impact what you can and can’t do though! First order of business was … Continue reading

Then This

Yard work.  Mowing, picking up.  Even helping Tess with a project I didn’t get pics of… Then… .77″ of rain overnight. Then this… Five inches of heavy, wet snow pulling down my lilacs and cherry bushes. It’s still snowing!  What … Continue reading