Just Because

Just because you’re the only one in the crowd, doesn’t make you less beautiful. … Continue reading


We actually had some sunshine today!  I managed to haul some compost… and spread it in my garden and rototill it in for the first time. I, then, decided to run up the hill and get some white gypsum rocks … Continue reading

Bluebell Hill

Spent all day in town getting a haircut and cruising the greenhouses!  Oh, yeah, and buying a TON of groceries for branding dinner… I think the Q&A session will get pushed to Thursday… or Friday… it’s getting crazy around here … Continue reading

Third Time

This is the third time in a couple of months I’ve had a cold. Today was shot for me. I managed to sit on the couch and read… and sit on the couch and watch tv… and sit on the … Continue reading

Old Friends

Remember the tank Vernon and I hooked up the other day?  Well, I was sent to check on it, and the cows, and take them some salt.  Vernon had been called out on another fire, so I loaded the dogs … Continue reading