We went in search of the elusive perfect Christmas tree today… The charge was led by Quinlan, with Lorelei slightly behind as his lieutenant… Megan provided transportation support… Vernon and Brandon were infantry… covering lots of ground, doing the actual grunt work!  Me?  I was the self-imposed scout, trying to find the little spruce or fir amongst the junipers and lodgepoles…

searchThe first spot was pretty rough country for short people.  And, I might add, for overweight and out of shape people too!

VernonVernon checks this one out… Yes, the sagebrush is that tall and yes, there was enough snow…

In a different spot, I almost heard the choir singing when I stumbled upon this little opening full of small trees!

treesThey were the perfect height, and on the lower side, there were even little firs… After stumbling around the snow covered downed timber that lurked throughout the patch, I huffed my way back to the pickup and declared that if someone wanted another one, they could go, but I wasn’t going to go back down there to the bottom side!

We had what we came for… two nice little trees… two tired little kids… and four adults that had an outing in search of the still elusive, perfect tree…


Day After

Thanks for all the Thanksgiving wishes!  We did, indeed, have a wonderful meal and a great time spent together.  I hope you enjoyed your time whether with family, friends, or simply by yourself.

We have so much to be thankful for.  We are surely blessed.


Our 4″ of snow was a big draw for little boys.  Snowpants, hats, mittens, and boots were layered on and we proceeded into the white.  Hours later, the boys were ready for a break and so was I!  If I could only chug up and down the hills like they do!  A measly 4″ isn’t enough to cover the big bumps and rocks that grownups can feel when sledding, so I only slid once.  But, my! what fun that is!


Tonight it is once again below zero… frost rims my windows and moonlight glows on snow… May you begin to count your blessings for next year’s Thanksgiving on this, the day after.

whitetail doe


Happy birthday, Daddy… long gone, never forgotten…

Wordless Wednesday – “Creekside”


Have a Happy Thanksgiving, folks!