Wordless Wednesday – “Working the Bog”

bogand for you puzzle fans:

previewWorking the Bog

Pioneer Producer Award

Lots to write about!

We took a flying trip yesterday to Shepherd, Montana just outside of Billings.  We ended up here.Vermilion ranchA while ago, the gentleman that is our “rep” for selling our steers, Warren Thompson, nominated Johnny, my father-in-law, for the Pioneer Award given out by Northern Livestock Video Auction.

He was recognized as the Wyoming winner at a huge ‘after sale’ supper at the ranch.

Ty Thompson presented him with a very nice award that reads “2016 Northern Livestock Video Pioneer Producer of the Year  John Greet and Family, Greet Ranch Inc, Ten Sleep, Wyoming, In appreciation for your dedication to the Northern Ranching Industry”

We were all there, my three kids and their families, which was a surprise for Johnny… and we all received jackets from Northern as well.

They had a big tent and great food (and bulls in their yard – we HAD to go look at)


and a band and we even danced a bit!  Of course, that set us back to getting home at 1 am…

It was definitely worth it!

Thank you, Ty and Warren and Northern Livestock for choosing Johnny for your Pioneer Producer Award.  You made Johnny (and us!) happy and proud!


Minute Movie: “Summer Pasture”

Let me explain a few things…

There are cows all along the route, they’re just hidden either by trees or landscape… There is no huge gap between the front and rear.

The sky is smoky due to the fire…

Dally was laying in the shade behind me, no disrespect to her since I didn’t get her in the film.  She worked hard!

There were six other cowboys besides me… don’t think it was just me and the rider in white!

Summer Pasture from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

Poor Baby

Yeah.  Long day.

Very LONG day.

I was very thrilled with the cows this morning… they lined up, paired up (mostly), and marched up the mountain.  After a break at the top of the Very Steep Hill, it was downhill from there.  Well, it was UPHILL, but *downhill*.

Someday, I shall have to learn more adjectives.



It’s late… and this poor baby reflects how we all feel…

poor baby