Sunset Heat

Holy cow, it’s been HOT lately.  The country is dry and red flag warnings are being issued by the National Weather Service.  That means FIRE DANGER is EXTREMELY HIGH.  They had one fire a couple of days ago, and we’re hoping to dodge the bullet with others that may come our way!

Even my bees are hot.


This is a phenomenon known as “bearding”.  Bearding is basically the hive sweating!  They’re hot… they’re fanning at the entrance to cool things down… it’s not a bad thing or anything to worry about… it just tells you they are HOT.

Me too.

I even went swimming in the creek yesterday!  Well, floating, swishing, wading, it was only belly deep!

The heat and dust and smoke did make for a glorious sunset though!


And close up…


Doesn’t the sunset look HOT?

Longmire Days 2014

Here it is!

I only attended Sunday afternoon at Longmire Days… the big humongous crowd had thinned out… it was HOT… and I was very content to sit in Crazy Woman Square and finish my zentangle!  A visit with Toria, Matt, and the twins broke up the time… but finally, it was 5 pm and Ferg’s concert was ready to begin.  I placed my lawn chair in the third row next to Matthew.  He’s an eighth  grader there in Buffalo, and we had a nice visit waiting for the actors to show.  I was the last seat next to the VIP section that was taped off.  Good job, Carol… here they came!

Mathias, Ruby, Cady, Walt, and Craig Johnson (and friends) took their seats! Vic was a no-show.  When Ferg wondered where she was… I almost jumped up and told them I had seen a yellow convertible headed west over the mountains!  I did!  Cross my heart! (For those of you who watch the show, you know what I’m talking about!)  I later read in the paper she wouldn’t be attending other events except the ones she was scheduled for since she was treating this as her vacation.  She missed a Very Nice Concert!

Well done, Ferg!

Enjoy Longmire Days 2014.

Longmire Days 2014 from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

Longmire Sunset

Doggone it!

Spent too much time figuring out the new upgrade to iMovie… and now it will take too long to process, upload, and embed here.  So… rats.  No Longmire movie tonight.

I’m *not* staying up another hour…

Instead of posting this for Wordless Wednesday, I guess you get it tonight as a consolation prize!

After Ferg’s concert at Longmire Days, I headed home due west, up and over the Big Horns.  It’s a wonderful drive… and that night it started off spectacularly!

Don’t you agree?

I love a great Longmire sunset…

longmire sunset


Longmire Artwork

zentangle autograph

A little zentangle doodle from today.

This is based on my trip over the Big Horns… the pines, the creek, the geology, the flowers… and then… guess what I did to make it extra special?


Oh, YES.

Robert Taylor’s autograph.

THE.  and I mean *THE* Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming… Walt Longmire.

I know.

I’m gushing.

I’m not really *like* that… but it does make me happy to see the characters from my favorite books and tv show in a local town just 2 hours away.  I doubt many actors would put up with all of us for three days like they do… and I only went this afternoon because the crush was supposed to be twice as bad as last year!

Yes, I have more photos, yes, I have video… but tonight I’m happy to share my Longmire artwork!