Yes.  I think I made up my mind.

This goofball… zoomie looney… L.S…. Ellis… aka Little S*&^…

This ornery, toe-biting, apple and tomato eating, tough acting little pup has a name.


Rimrock Sweetgrass Edensfire.

Call name, “Eden”


An “E” name… she’s Elsa’s brother’s grandaughter… it’s a tip of the hat to Elsa…

Rimrock, well, that’s me, or rather my “kennel” name.  All the pups I’ve had here have Rimrock in their names…

Sweetgrass.  Kris, when you suggested that, I *knew* I had to have it in her registered name, at least!  Daniel mentioned once I could call her Sweet… though, she hasn’t progressed from ornery to sweet YET!  If she gets any temperament from Elsa, she will, but it’s hard to call her sweet when she biting your toes!  Plus, it’s SWEETGRASS.  One of my favorite scents of all time.  It’s sacred to Indians.  A smudge of sweetgrass refreshes and blesses…  I have it stuck in drawers and closets and pull it out and smudge my house every once in a while!  I hope she becomes a blessing to our place, she definitely is a refreshing change of pace!

Edensfire.  Obviously, I made that up.  I can.  ;-)  Fire, because fire is in Lucas’ and Dally’s names.  What does it mean to me?  Home.  Friends.  Great memories.  Companionship.  Warmth.  Security.  It’s tradition, I guess, but I *had* to have fire in her name.  She is a spitfire, but couldn’t name my dog, Spit.  I decided just to add it on!  I debated.  Uhlti (council fire), Tulli (fire, warrior depending on spelling and language), were great, but I couldn’t decide… they’re difficult words for people to remember, and is it Tooley or Tully, and Ooolty or Ulty?  Plus, would I yell Tooley when I meant Dally?  I decided they were too similar.  Kenna, I liked… Fia was cute too…

Eden.  Somewhere I read a legend that the Garden of Eden had red dirt.  I imagine it stemmed from the origin of “Adam”, which usually is loosely translated as “made from the red clay”, or “man of the red earth”.  Something along those lines.  I thought Adam was created somewhere else, but I’m no biblical scholar, and, hey, even if Eden (or Aidan) wasn’t made of Red Dirt… and the simple name means “delight”… I’ll take that too!  She is a delight!

It may turn out to be a new start for Rimrock English Shepherds… and where better to start than Eden?

Please don’t call her Edie.





Vernon puts some fall nitrogen on the fields, just like you do on your lawn… Just with bigger equipment!  I’ve been working on my studio a bit, though I feel guilty about neglecting my “real” work on the house and lawn.  I kept meaning to pull out my paintbrush and get to work on some trim… I really did…

But I dug my carrots.  I pulled the tomato buckets up.  I raked some leaves and loaded them on my hugelkultur bed.  I cut some of my scrap wood into lengths that will fit in my wood stove.  I scraped some paint off window frames.  I took the dogs for a walk.  Hey, I *did* mean to paint on my house…  and I’ll regret not doing it when the snow flies… but 77˚!  I didn’t want to stay in just one spot!

The dogs had fun!  I need to be more like them… no guilt, just enjoy the moment!

Besides, the puppies sleep so much better after a couple hours of zoooooom!


Pre-Winter Items

It’s our most successful fundraiser for the library, but I’m glad the Harvest Dinner is over, it seems to really keep us hopping!  Now we have to do our regular work, clear the book sale, get ready for judging our Dia de Los Muertos skulls and enjoy the Halloween parade from the school kids.  Whoever thinks library work is boring, hasn’t been to a library lately!  Sometime soon we’ll be preparing our wreath for Festival of Trees, then the first week of December is our Silent Auction, our other big fundraiser.  The library rocks this time of year!

Around here, preparations for winter continue with beautiful weather… Daniel’s been power washing his discbine, getting a season’s worth of dust and chaff and grease off his machine.  I helped for a little bit… it takes an entire day to wash it up!

The guys pulled the dam log.  Read that again.  I said dam log not dam* log.

The log holds the upright sticks and straw that forms our irrigation dam.  It’s long and heavy and water sogged, so a tractor is the hero of the day.

dam log 1

All the sticks and straw have been pulled.  A chain is tied from the tractor bucket around the log…  Shove it in reverse!

dam log 2

Vernon stops the reverse.  There’s a large crack in the log, so Brandon and Daniel wrap the log with wire to ease some of the stress.

dam log 3

They’re working.  I’m walking around enjoying the brilliant green of the moss… and the bazillion little squiggly critters all over the log!

dam log 4

dam log 5

That’s done… and off it goes to be stored out of the water for the winter!  Glad I gave them enough room to go around my Durango!  One more pre-winter item checked off the list.

dam log 6