First Step

Lots of things to do today… Victoria and family were here, so there was refereeing the seven grandkids, flying kites with intermittent wind and, well, seven kids under the age of four!… jumping on the old trampoline… filling sippies and cooking and reminding them of manners and… life!

I did wander out to watch the guys work for a bit on the metal shop building.  Vernon has talked about improving it since we moved here, and last week, something happened that spurred his remodel.

doorNotice the humongous door laying on the ground.  The doors are 8’x12′ each.  Welded.  Very heavy.  Built to last, though sometimes not so easy to latch.  Daniel opened the one on the left, and it fell.  The hinge bolts sheared right off and fell!  He wasn’t hurt, just shocked… I mean, you never expect a door to just fall off when you open it!  And while he mentioned his run of bad luck, I insisted he had very GOOD luck, because, honestly, it could have killed him.  Or his dog.  Or his wife and kids if they’d been there.  Or smushed a pickup or tractor or… well, you get the idea.  I just Thank God none of that happened.

Soooo… gee… Vernon’s been wanting overhead doors in there with openers… etc., etc., etc…. So, they started that today…

It’ll be a long process… but everything starts with the first step!

Girls’ Day… With Boys

Antiquing with my sister again… We are in search of a big dining table for her… and ended up with a large cabinet she’ll use to sit the tv and media stuff on.  And at 8’4″, just a smidge too long for her pickup bed!

Neverfear, we had plenty of rope and blankets for padding… the piece made it over the mountain and to her house in fine shape!

I climbed in my car to drive the rest of the way home and she told me to “watch for deer”… a standard “goodbye phrase” around here.  I answered back, “and elk!”… and sure enough… close to home…

One dark neck stood out to me in the sagebrush, so I hit my brakes just to check him out.  A few minutes later, he decides to leave, but a couple more heads poke over the ridge!  Who knows how many were back there, but I settled for these three bull elk.

Watch out boys, hunting season is ON…



School has begun, and I started back at the library again, 8-5 … two days a week.

You’re welcome to follow the Ten Sleep Branch Library on Facebook if you’re already on there following Red Dirt!

I’m highly tempted to make it another Wordless “Wednesday”, or would you prefer a “Throwback Thursday” where I share a *historical* photo? I’m just tired… and I doubt you care how many books and dvds I processed and put on the shelf today!


Do you have another idea???

Please don’t say videos as they take me much longer to prepare!  Unless it’s on Periscope or Facebook Live, where it’s just raw and not polished!

Anyone???  I’m willing to listen!  Just give me a great idea for something short and sweet to post on these long Thursdays…

Here’s a pic from this morning’s drive… yes, that’s a Golden Eagle and yes, there was another one there as well until my camera focused and then it flew!



Today’s project..

I know it’s hard to see… but look closely!

Couldn’t resist!



gate after