Hello, Sunshine

Working at the library doesn’t leave me much room for ranchlife…

I did manage another pic for my watercolor Art Challenge…

picfiveand a great sunrise…

sunrise barn

Wordless Thursday – “Pic Four”

That would be an oops on the Wordless Wednesday tradition…

Today… Picture #4.


Soldier On

Day Three of my “Let’s Create” Challenge:

Vernon is in bed.

I gather my watercolor palette, paper, brushes, and a small container of water.  Sitting on my couch… I choose a photo to paint from my ipad collection.  Today, it’s going to be my rooster, Spot.  He’s actually nice, and photogenic!

I’m trying to soften my watercolors, trying to back off from detail.  While I absolutely LOVE detailed watercolor, I accept that maybe *I* should head in a different direction!  It’s always been the softness, the gentle blending of colors that has drawn me to watercolors… so I wet the paper thoroughly, and begin.  Whoops.  It doesn’t take long before I’m out of control!  Too much water!  Setting everything aside, I get up to grab a kleenex from a nearby table.

I sit back down ON THE EDGE OF MY PALETTE.  Paint, water, brushes go flying.  I’ve water seeping under my thighs and down my legs.  For heaven’s sake!  When I stood up I was thinner evidently than when I sat back down. Now I’m up again, running for a towel, pouring excess water from my palette into the sink, doing a very fine and sophisticated blending of colors.

Oh. My.  Word.

Maybe painting on the couch while watching Monarch of the Glen is NOT the recommended strategy for aspiring artistes!

Ready to stop this month long challenge???

Heavens, no.

Just grab a towel and soldier on!



Let’s Create!

A day of snow (yay!) and babysitting… while Jaxon and Lacee took naps, I pulled out my watercolors and postcards and went to work.

A gallery in Casper has issued a “one painting a day in February” challenge.  Now, I’m not *really* participating… they’re meeting to share and encourage each other… I’m here.  But, hey, why not?  Some people do the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge in November, so I decided to try OnPaDaiF on my own!

My first?  ish.  Tried to draw some feathers… not too successful there…

But today’s I will share!

challenge2I’m looking for a quote to write around the edges… (suggestions welcome)

These are supposed to be quick little studies, and while I suppose you should stick to one medium, that’s not my style!  I’ll try watercolors until pysanky fever wins out, or pastels cry my name.  I do like the size of postcards, so I’m definitely sticking with that.  My creativity HATES being stuck with one medium!

Anyone want to join me????

Knit something a… week?  Draw something a day?  Make a card?  Stamp a sign?  If you’d like to share photos on Red Dirt’s Facebook page we could really have fun!  It’s cold and snowy!  Let’s create!  Go do it now!


Hidden Helper

After I rescued Dally yesterday… I decided I’d better check on my cat.

I teetered to the top of the stacked boards and peered up over the miscellany stored in the rafters of the wood shed.

passing thruWell, hellllloooooo, Gorgeous!  Golly, you aren’t my cat!

I don’t know if it belongs to the neighbors or was just dropped off, but this Hidden Tiger was friendly enough for a short skritch on its head.  I went and brought a couple handfuls of cat food back, which was accepted gladly.

I went back this morning, but the tiger was gone.

I hope it hangs around, this mild winter isn’t doing much about killing off any of the mice population!  We need all the helpers we can get…