Wordless Wednesday – “Best View”

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Boy, I almost thought I’d missed it.  I’ve done that before… I get my head down and my focus on something else and zing! the days fly by.

But nope.  I’m safe.  In just a few days… I’ll be celebrating my 10th BLOGOVERSARY!!!!  I keep doing the math… but, 2018 minus 2008 sure makes ten years in my book.  (or on my blog!)

I’ve been re-reading some old posts, which can lead me astray and waste 20 minutes, easily… and I have celebrated with giveaways before.  I’m looking for something new to do.  Facebook Live entered my mind, although if no one watched, I might be crushed!  Then, there are those of you non-Facebookers…

I can live broadcast with apps, which not all of you have.

I could just do a taped vlog… and share anecdotes from ten years of blogging.

I could re-read/video some of my Q&A posts.  While most of you have had opportunities to ask questions quite often on here, maybe reading them and video-ing them would be better!?!?!?!?

I could find my speech I gave at the Johnson County Cattlewomen’s Convention.  It was entertaining.

I can’t drive around and show you things live because 1) I don’t have a smartphone 2)I don’t get cell reception anyway…

I could… I don’t know!!!!

YOU GIVE ME SOME IDEAS.  I have a couple of days to get this arranged since my blogoversary is on the 20th, and if you give me a great idea of how you’d like to see me celebrate (with decorum, of course), maybe… I could find a prize for you.  (Wow, Carol.  Way to inspire people… )  Well… let me see what I could come up with for a prize.  Let’s meet back up here tomorrow and see what we’ve come up with together!


Normally, after gathering our cows from the badlands, we would be sorting them… Early calvers from later ones… And vaccinating with scour guard vaccine that they could pass along to their unborn calves… But we’re not.

Our corrals are icy.  Built on a slight incline, which is great for drainage, it makes for a tricky situation.  Slick.  Slanted. Very pregnant cows.  Cows can fall on the ice and actually cause their calves to flip inside them.  This creates a twisted uterus and it is impossible to calve vaginally.  You don’t know it’s happened until you’re calling your vet with a cow that can’t progress with her labor, with possibly a dead calf inside her.

Since we have a bit of time, and a chance for some weather to help alleviate the ice, we’re waiting.