(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – “Ten Bulls”

Yesterday I said I’d be heading to work early.  Well, I did.  Ten inches of snow got me out the door in good time… and as I said goodbye to my furry crew in the yard, Dally gave a strange “woof”!  I turned back to her to tell her to hush! when I noticed her looking down in the field and not at me or Lucas and Eden.  She had spotted elk crossing our field!  I waved my arms to get Vernon’s attention through the window, then dug my camera out of my bag.  Just had to share on this not-so Wordless Wednesday!  All bulls… the tenth one didn’t make it into this shot!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




Snow!  Gobs of it!

Well, not New York style, but a good little storm this afternoon and evening.


The kind where you feel you’ve transported to the Enterprise right before it goes into warp speed… which I would have taken a photo of but I preferred to *stop* my “shuttlecraft” before pulling out the camera.  Maybe you get the idea?  Otherwise, I think I’ll have a passenger take the Warp Speed photo and I’ll just concentrate on driving through this stuff!

Eight inches and counting…

I’ll be leaving early for work in the morning…


The Same

Powder River Pass 1


Another one from the pass…

Can you tell I’m busy getting ready for the holiday?  There hasn’t been  too much to post about!  Cleaning, organizing, planning and soon cooking have been taking my days.  I hope you’re busy doing the same!