Wordless Wednesday – “Photobombed”

MooMy scenic creek shot was photobombed repeatedly by a rather large black panther named “Moo”.

Make Your Own Marshmallows

I know, I know, this isn’t a cooking blog… but I made these, and people seem to *really* like them… so I’m gonna share!

Making your own marshmallows is EASY.

First: sift together 1/4 C powdered sugar and 1/4 C corn starch.  This is your “dust”… it keeps your marshmallows from sticking EVERYWHERE.  This was plenty, I thought… but better too much than not enough!

Spray a small pan (8″x8” for thick marshmallows or a bigger pan for thinner or smaller ones) with cooking spray.  Line with parchment or foil with extra hanging over two ends and spray it as well.  Sift half your “dust” on the pan bottom and sides.

Pour 1/2 C cool water in a large bowl and add 2 packages (1/4 oz ea.) of unflavored gelatin.  No need to stir just let sit.

Combine 1.5 C granulated sugar, 2/3 C Karo syrup, and 1/2 C water in a pan.  Bring to boil, reduce heat and cook until it reaches 240˚ or the soft ball stage (about 7 minutes).  DO NOT STIR.  Remove from heat.

With your mixer beat gelatin to break it up, then gently pour sugar mix down the side of the bowl and slowly incorporate into the gelatin.  Be careful, it’s HOT!  Increase the speed of your mixer slowly until it’s on high and beat until soft peaks form… 12 – 15 minutes.

Pour into your dusted pan.  Coat with the rest of the dust.  Let dry for four hours or overnight…

Lift out of the pan using the “handles” of overlapping parchment or foil.  Cut into squares, dusting your knife and edges with the dust to keep from sticking.


Keep them in ziplocs and enjoy!


  1.  Peppermint: After beating until doubled add 1 tsp. peppermint extract and food coloring.  Blend well.  Great for minty hot chocolate.
  2.  Chocolate: Add 1/4 C cocoa to the “dust” mix.  6 T cocoa and 3 T hot water mixed and added to gelatin.  (Not all of my cocoa melted, so I had little pockets of cocoa powder… no one complained.)
  3.  Coffee:  Make your favorite flavor of coffee EXTRA STRONG.  Use instead of water in the recipe.
  4.  Vanilla:  A tsp. of vanilla can be added for regular marshmallows or more to make French Vanilla.
  5. Use your imagination…  I wonder if flavored jello could be used if you cut back on some of the sugar… Strawberry, lime, orange marshmallows anyone???  Try it and let me know.



Lotsa work and tons to think about, but one more Silent Auction fundraiser is over.

We had a great turnout.

Thank you, Ten Sleep, for all you do for our little library.


Copper Fun

I ignored my house in order to finish up some copper jewelry for the library auction.  I always have such high hopes of getting so many things made for the auction…

This was all I accomplished today.


Plus I tried to make some marshmallows… and I think I’ll try again in the morning!

It’ll all fall together, I know…

Come down tonight, it will be fun!

Library Night

Monday night is our Open House/Silent Auction at the library.  I’ve been decorating… trying to make that silk purse out of old Christmas decorations/sow’s ear.  We have no budget for making things pretty… and so I tear into all of our boxes, remixing and modifying… and I chose our colors as green, white, and gold.

Greenery, snowflakes, ornaments… and so I put these together.

The emphasis is our little work area… and I had three pretty good strands of greenery to use, but nothing matched.  I hemmed and hawed, and decided to hang the strands vertically.  I used the ornaments to pull them “together” colorwise… and draped strands of snowflakes between to further set off the front desk area.

front deskIf we had a good place to plug in lights… and more time!  things would be a bit different… but I am supposed to be working too, so we get what I can do…

strandAnd a bit different over the reading room…

rroomThat big green ball is *inside* the reading room!

Then, I ran out of time.  But I had the entryway to do… and nothing I wanted to do it with.

The next day was a run to the dentist office in Worland, delivering our Festival of Trees wreath along the way… and I zipped into the store to see what I could find on the cheap.  Well, in total it may not have been really cheap, but they were 60% off!  So…

I *like* my entryway now!

entrywayVery art deco.

Maybe it’s not like I’d love it to be… but there are limits… and I still think we will put on a good showing!  Please join us for wassail and cookies and bidding on some great donations Monday evening at 6 pm!