Salsify Fun

And back on the ranch…

Another bunch gets moved up to the Mesa Pasture… the difference this time?

Victoria AND Matt wanted to ride, so that left me behind in the company of twins…

Never to be left too far behind, I threw them in the Durango and followed the dusty trail.

We arrived just in time for the cowboys to tuck them in the corner, mother up the pairs, and send them on their way.



What do you do with twins for the hour spent waiting on the cowboys?

You singdrawinthedirtbreakstickswalkpullupgrassandpullapartsalsifyheads.

Salsify?  It looks like a giant dandelion… and is Great Fun when you’re two years old!


Cheers, Mr. Johnson

Mark this on my calendar.  An absolutely amazing day.  It was our One Book Wyoming event for Washakie County.

We, meaning three of us from the Ten Sleep Library, piled into the Buick and flew to Worland and help set up for author Craig Johnson’s appearance.  It was very well attended, and fun, and then we had to pack everything up and come back to Ten Sleep.


We had informational boards about Steamboat, the bucking horse, in all his incarnations… the Mitchell B-25 bomber which flew a pivotal role in the book… and blizzards of Wyoming…

We had the Steamboat bomber pasted onto the front of the local bank…


I think we’re hanging this in the library for a while… there was a great deal of work in this!  ;-) (Atta girl, Talena!)

Plus I had my little chalkboard Steamboat bucking horse…


(Shown this morning in the back of my truck since, somehow, I didn’t get a good pic of it at either event!)

We had a good little crowd in Ten Sleep…


They had a great time…

getting autographs,


Listening to the born storyteller relay tales of writing, television, Wyoming life, and humor…

Craig Johnson

(Sometimes I hear echoes of my dad, who could also tell a great story…)

And remember my zentangle poster that I wrote about here and here????  Well, I did what you suggested… and had him autograph it!  He loved it and wants a copy of it!  Inside I was giggling and screaming SQUUEEEEEEE! and I calmly told him, “Sure, I’ll make a copy and send it to you!”


Gotta give a shout out to the guys at the Ten Sleep Brewing Company for coming and handing out free samples of their wares… Speedgoat is my favorite… and though J. posed at one point for me… I can’t resist posting this photo of him instead.

ten sleep brewing

It just made me laugh… how many times have I done this with books, drinks, newspapers, and various other items?  Way to advertise the brewery AND the Spirit of Steamboat, J.!

Hey, great company, laughter, hard work, friends, and free beer… all in one day.  Aren’t we lucky?

Cheers, Mr. Johnson, thanks for coming to Ten Sleep for One Book Wyoming!

steamboat poster



Sunset Heat

Holy cow, it’s been HOT lately.  The country is dry and red flag warnings are being issued by the National Weather Service.  That means FIRE DANGER is EXTREMELY HIGH.  They had one fire a couple of days ago, and we’re hoping to dodge the bullet with others that may come our way!

Even my bees are hot.


This is a phenomenon known as “bearding”.  Bearding is basically the hive sweating!  They’re hot… they’re fanning at the entrance to cool things down… it’s not a bad thing or anything to worry about… it just tells you they are HOT.

Me too.

I even went swimming in the creek yesterday!  Well, floating, swishing, wading, it was only belly deep!

The heat and dust and smoke did make for a glorious sunset though!


And close up…


Doesn’t the sunset look HOT?