We had a short break from the regular routine because we celebrated the twins’ sixth birthday today!

As usual, I can’t share photos of them, but I will tell you a cute story.

Wyatt was the first to wake up this morning, and he came trotting into the living room where I was drinking my coffee.  Soon after, Waylon appeared.  They began playing with some of my toys, when Wyatt stops, looks at Waylon, and says, “I would like to wish you a happy birthday, brother!”  Waylon, startled, replied, “Oh, and happy birthday to you, too, brother!”  That was soooo precious!

By 10 am, all the cousins (and adults) had arrived, and present paper started to fly!  I took these pics of Quinlan’s card to Wyatt.  It’s great to have the cousins so close, and we were very happy to have them come here, albeit a flying trip, to celebrate and give everyone a break.




Weight is important.

A rancher’s paycheck is based on the weight of his cattle.  If he sells calves or steers or old open cows, the price bid is based on the weight and condition of the animal.

We keep a close eye on weight.  We take actual weight on newborn heifer calves.  We weigh them at weaning.  We weigh to see how much weight they gain. Today we weighed our heifers to see which ones will make the cut to stay here as a replacement cow.


This girl looks like she is watching the scale as Johnny and Brandon write down her numbers.


We will take a few days to sort through all the numbers, figure out which ones we will keep, and which we will sell.  For now, they can go out to the field and just keep on eating!


Laser Thoughts

Forgot my camera.  I know.

I *always* have it with me… and it was only 50′ away… but Lucas and I were in the vet’s office for a laser treatment today, and I didn’t remember it until he had his little goggles on and the vet tech was giving him his treatment.

There’s nothing seriously wrong.


The fact that his pelvis was crushed at 7 months of age.

At age eleven… it’s beginning to catch up to him!

He’s sore.  He’s always loved attention, so it’s about time I get back to giving him some serious backrubs, and butt rubs, and rereading that dog acupressure book I stashed in my basement.

But I do have a question for you, Faithful Readers…

Does anyone have a home laser treatment setup?  They are much cheaper now than when Lucas first served as my vet’s Demo Dog on the day they received their fancy setup.  I’m willing to try one… I think they run $150-$200.  Well, now that I’ve talked to the vet tech and refreshed my memory on what I should be looking for, I’ll have to recheck to see if I’m looking at the right kind.

Anyway… Does anyone have recommendations for Lucas and I?  Do you have one?  What kind?  Are you happy with it???  Let me know in the comments, please.

(Yes, he enjoyed his treatment, and yes, he’s more comfortable tonight.)


Got It

For those of you who’ve never been in a western state, you might not have seen these exquisite creatures, the pronghorn antelope.  Small, fleet of foot with exceptional vision, “goats” as I grew up calling them, are everywhere in Wyoming.  There will be small bunches on the tops of the Big Horn Mountains (in open country), and herds of hundreds in the winter on the prairie.

antelopeThis buck’s horns look small from this angle.  An easy way to gauge size is to compare the horns to the ears.  Twice as long as his ears is a nice mature buck.  But when this one looks at me…

antelopeOh, yeah… his horns have more angle than most antelope.  This guy is pretty handsome.

But the goat I wanted to photograph is this one.

antelopeHis right horn is normal… His left suffered some kind of injury and didn’t form correctly.  Their horns are actually made of hair around a bony base.  The black outer sheath is shed every winter and a new one grows… kind of like antlers, but not.

MMMMMM… I’m kind of seeing a “Ten Things You Didn’t Know…” post in my future!  Anyway, I just wanted to get a picture of him, instead of blasting by him at 60 mph on my way to work!

Got it.

Wordless Wednesday – “Lotta Country”

(from a couple of weeks ago…)  (there’s a 500′ canyon just in front of me!)  (click on the puzzle below for some fun)

big horn mountains
previewLotta Country Puzzle