Oh, Look!

My computer wants to play nice tonight!!!  Things aren’t whirring and jiving, so, WHEEEEEEEEE!

My SD card is off to the expert, I decided I needed to be happy and quit stressing and let some pro handle things, so I’m hoping K. will get my photos back.

I’m enjoying my good luck and will post a few pics from last week.  Same place, same cows, preg testing and NOT weaning, but… hey…

Celebrate with me by enjoying some interesting cropped photos…

RosinRosin with his mane full of wild licorice burrs.

JohnnyJohnny supervising the sorting.


Jaxon was part of our audience.

learningQuinlan is learning from his dad.


doneDone for the day.

(Whew!  You don’t know how happy this post made me!  Let’s hope this continues… But hey,  it’s OCTOBER.  Let’s do a Question and Answer session!!!  Do you have a question for me?  Post it here, and I’ll answer it!  Do it now…)


The Best I Can

The small bunch was gathered and the calves weaned yesterday.  I predicted chilly, and breezy, and I wore my flannel lined jeans and chaps… And I was happy to shuck my chaps by noon.  I would have shucked those jeans too, if I’d had a regular pair to change into!  It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day!

At the end of the day, Brandon and I had to wait for a horsetrailer to return and bring us off the mountain, so he repaired a gate and I wandered around taking photos.

Boy, when I loaded them on iPhoto last night, I was thrilled… Some of them, black and whites with just the blue sky highlighted, looked GREAT.  Then I tried to post and got the nice little whirlygig going again.  I was falling asleep to the hypnotic rainbow.  I tried to quit iPhoto and Firefox.  Nothing.  I tried to forcequit.  Nothing.  Fine.  I shoved in the power button and went to bed.

Yeah.  Shouldn’t have done that.

They aren’t there this morning… and I was  just going to post this morning real quick so you wouldn’t miss me!  Well, it’s time to go to a staff meeting at the library, and I don’t seem to be making progress.  I tried to rescue them off my memory card, but I’m not having any luck because it’s a HUGE memory card and I don’t have room to do it.

I’m saving the memory card for K., our library computer tech guru, and let him do it.  I really hope he can recover them!

Sooo… no photos on this photo blog once again.  This is getting to be a whiny blog, so you’ll have to suffer with either old photos, or reposts, or something… because until I get this computer and photos straightened out, it looks like it’ll be impossible for a bit for new things.

Hang in here with me, folks… I’m doing the best I can!


my computer is at a standstill.  I have a new external harddrive, but I’m cleaning up so many photos off of the old one, that is reminds me of the old days!  You know, have something else to work on while waiting for the little whirlygig to stop spinning!

my ipad is giving me warnings that its memory is almost full.  And I delete more music, though I barely have any, and more photos… I have few apps, but I guess I will have fewer.

needless to say, it’s 11:20 and I started trying to write at 10.  I’m getting pretty sick of this, and I think nothing is more frustrating than computer issues.

I apologize for the lack of capitalization, and the whining, but, argh! I need a computer person, so I can be the happy go lucky, artistic, neveryouworry soul I yearn to be! Maybe tomorrow I will have time to talk to Apple about formatting my new hard drive!  And all my photos will be sorted, burned, deleted, transferred and cleaned up!  Well, it SOUNDS like a plan…


I played today by attending a workshop at the Washakie Museum in Worland.  Gayle Barnett was the presenter for a class on watercolor painting!

Washakie Museum

I had never met her until today, though I have bought some of her cards before.  Formerly of Meeteetse, Wyoming, she now works in the big city of Recluse!

This was our inspiration for the day…

Gayle Barnett

Armed with new paintbrushes and five colors, the ten of us set out to recreate Gayle’s painting.

I got a little wild with the red sky…

red sky

But tamed it down later.

almost finished

We didn’t quite get to the other trees like in the example, but I think we did fairly well!  Mine is the little one… I’m pretty scotch with paper!  It was fun, and I met other women from Thermopolis, Worland, and Grass Creek.

five paintings




watercolorsI still haven’t tamed watercolors, but I may have learned a trick or two! Continue reading


It’s starting to cool off here… acting like October!

I put away two of my large flower pots for the winter… I had sweet potato vine growing in them for the summer… and I thought…. well, might as well dig down and see if they did anything.  Yup.  Enough for a couple of servings.  Who knew?

Caesar salad, crockpot porkchops, and a cobra-looking sweet potato!  Yum, yum!

sweet potato