Saddle at Four

OK… It’s “Saddle at Four” time…

So that means up at three am…

So that means…

I’m taking the easy way out and posting just a photo from the other morning.  It’s Dally behind the cattle in a very dusty spot!!!  I REALLY like this one!

dusty dog

It also means I’m ignoring the big news of the day, which is a wildfire that started by the highway in Ten Sleep Canyon and has grown quickly to 2600 acres.  My guys are NOT fighting this one, but they did send me to check out the smoke and where it was!!!

It was 100˚ today… breezy here… and tinder dry EVERYWHERE.  I pray no one gets hurt on this fire… too hot, too dry, too windy, and difficult terrain.

I have been sharing pics about it on my Red Dirt In My Soul facebook page and here’s the link for updated information.

Here’s a pic I took when it had just started…  I’ll keep you informed…

hatchery fire

Another Trip

Another trip up to the Mesa Pasture… this time from the home place.

Full moon watching.

full moondawn shadowred wallgate againcornerI’m in the lead in the second photo… well, I’m in the lead most of the time… making sure they turn when and where they should.

The red wall in the third pic… anywhere along here… I could build a cabin (except we don’t own this… and there’s NO WATER!)

Morning light touches the red dirt (no filter) and we’re headed through the gate… again.

The pickup and horsetrailer wait for us to finish the job.  The lead cows are heading towards the fence corner where they will be paired with their babies and turned out in the Mesa Pasture until Saturday, when we will take them all the way to the top of the mountain.

Wordless Wednesday – “Riding into the Morning Light”

morning light

Something Else

The moon settled down into its nest of hills, its fullness red tinged from wildfire smoke.  I headed toward the barn, ready to halter Panama and saddle him in the coolness of the morning.  Soon, Brandon and Megan pulled up in the pickup, followed by Daniel.  Our crew was ready… Dally and Tuff impatiently waited outside the corral.

Bawling calves were ready to find their morning milk.  We circled behind them, driving them towards my house and then onward to the Mesa Pasture.


After a mile or so, they were paired up and marching up the red hills.

pairDaniel counts them through the gate…

countBy 9:45 they’re in the pasture and mothered up.

gateAn hour later we’re home… and ready for a short break before finding something else to do!

Tour de Wyoming

Tour de Wyoming.  It’s quite the deal if you’re a bicyclist! You can check them out on their website… or just keep reading.

350+ bicyclists come over the mountain from Buffalo.  Yes, OVER THE MOUNTAIN.  Bless their hearts.  They’ve got guts and stamina!  Then in two days, they head back OVER through Shell Canyon. It’d make some people tired to do it in a car… much less pedal it.

The Friends of the Library decided we’d support them by handing out free ice water… and they could use the free wi-fi and air conditioning at the library… and, gee, maybe even buy one of these things…

huggleThese headbands are the new version of my generation’s bandana.  They’re stretchy, so you can wear them a ton of different ways… or get them wet to cool your head or neck… or under helmets to absorb sweat.

So all day today, I sold these and handed out free water (donated by Admiral Beverages – thanks!)

They have a mountain scene with tipi and Ten Sleep, Wyoming on them.  I think they look cool.

350 people take up a lot of space in Ten Sleep…

tent city

bike hallmasseuseperformanceJalan Crossland