A Couple

I spent most of the morning taking pics of grandkids with Santa and most of the afternoon cussing my sewing abilities!  I don’t know why I think I can whip up something for the grandsons for Christmas without some high stress levels appearing… sewing just DOES that to me!  Argh!

I’ll post that Thursday, maybe they’ll be finished by then!

The snow was simply gorgeous today… and I should have tromped around in it and taken 10,000 photos instead of rushing home to my stupid sewing machine… but I did manage a couple that made me happy…

Deer were bedded down in the willows, 4 mulies and 2 whitetails in this spot, but this one little doe was more in the clear than the others…

mule deer doe

Then I couldn’t resist this tom turkey looking at me…

Enjoy these, and I’ll share my creations with you later!

tom turkey

Bangs Vaccination Day

They predicted 2″ – 4″.  We are laying under a blanket of 9.5″.  With .9″ of moisture.  It looks like Christmas now!

Today was Bangs Vaccination Day, did you celebrate???  Well, no, I don’t suppose you did… but this annual inoculation for our yearling heifers took up most of the day.  This morning was spent with a dab of cleaning, and making of lunch (meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and brownies).  I then rushed off to help with the bangs paperwork…

bangs vaccination

Our vet administers the brucellosis, or bangs, vaccination.  He then tattoos his vet seal and number into the right ear.  A metal id clip is then pierced onto the top of the ear.  Brucellosis is a constant fight for some ranchers, especially those on the western side of Wyoming, where oftentimes elk can spread it to cattle.  We don’t have that fight over here, thank goodness, but we have to vaccinate for it anyway.  Brucellosis can cause cattle to abort their calves and the bacteria is shed at the time of the abortion.  Other cattle can then pick it up and continue the cycle.

My job consists of writing down our eartag number and the bangs id number.  We can cross check if one or the other tags is lost.  I then called out which way they went as we split them into two corrals.

After an hour or so of work, we came back to my place where I zapped lunch… cleaned up… and we went back to work.

It was mostly a grey day, but at the end, blue skies and sunshine broke through.  Although, my hands were freezing anyway!  It’s pretty hard to wear gloves and turn pages of paper… I wasn’t thinking and left my fingertip gloves at home.  Silly me!  Even my stash of chemical hand warmer was pathetic!  I’m going to have to buy some new ones!!!

We finished this little project just as the sun was sinking and I was gifted a few good photos on the way home.

wyoming sunset

Tree Trimming

Trimming a tree.  It has different meanings, different times of year.  This year, it means both for us… Our huge cottonwoods are getting trimmed back… Branches with cracks, widow makers, limbs over the house, they’re all disappearing.

first day

Believe it or not, they had this done some twenty+ years ago… and it’s past time again.

day 4

Today’s photo looks better… or worse… depending on how you look at it.  I don’t know how much more he can do… his bucket truck only goes up so far…

I hope your tree trimming goes better, as I’m pretty sure you can reach all of the branches on your trees!

Local Mystery

OK, all you internet gurus…  I have a search for you!  On our little geology trip the other day, our neighbor showed us this.


I know you can’t see it well here, but this gives you a perspective.  Halfway up the steep slope, under a little overhang…


A cross is in a recessed rectangle… then “1784 B. E. AZH”.  Now, my neighbor called it a reversed “S” not a “Z”, so it would read “ASH”.

Could even be “Azlt” if you want to make it so, but that’s just to give us options!  Now, around here, 1784 is EARLY!  WAY EARLY.  It is much more likely to be 1874!  Lewis and Clark started out in 1804, and they didn’t come this far south.  A lost Spanish priest?  With the name of Ash?  Hmmmmm.

Could be a fake.

But how curious to add the cross, don’t you think?

I suppose we’ll never know, but it definitely ranks as a local mystery!

Any historians out there?  Here’s your research project!!