I played today by attending a workshop at the Washakie Museum in Worland.  Gayle Barnett was the presenter for a class on watercolor painting!

Washakie Museum

I had never met her until today, though I have bought some of her cards before.  Formerly of Meeteetse, Wyoming, she now works in the big city of Recluse!

This was our inspiration for the day…

Gayle Barnett

Armed with new paintbrushes and five colors, the ten of us set out to recreate Gayle’s painting.

I got a little wild with the red sky…

red sky

But tamed it down later.

almost finished

We didn’t quite get to the other trees like in the example, but I think we did fairly well!  Mine is the little one… I’m pretty scotch with paper!  It was fun, and I met other women from Thermopolis, Worland, and Grass Creek.

five paintings




watercolorsI still haven’t tamed watercolors, but I may have learned a trick or two! Continue reading


It’s starting to cool off here… acting like October!

I put away two of my large flower pots for the winter… I had sweet potato vine growing in them for the summer… and I thought…. well, might as well dig down and see if they did anything.  Yup.  Enough for a couple of servings.  Who knew?

Caesar salad, crockpot porkchops, and a cobra-looking sweet potato!  Yum, yum!

sweet potato

Cat Urbigkit – One Book Wyoming

If you follow the Ten Sleep Branch Library on Facebook, (or Red Dirt In My Soul… or me!) you may have seen me post that tonight was the One Book Wyoming event at the library with Cat Urbigkit.  Cat has children’s books and adult books and three were actually chosen for One Book Wyoming (which really doesn’t make logical sense, but whatever!)  We’ve enjoyed knowing Cat for years, and yes, I follow HER on Facebook!

We tried to welcome her in a big way…

doorI painted the front door in her honor with this year’s One Book Wyoming logo…

cookiesThere were sheep and dog and paw cookies thanks to a Friend of the Library…

The library was decorated for fall and one entire wall dedicated to all of Cat’s books… which I forgot to take a photo of…

We had a pretty good turnout and she put on an informative and interesting slideshow…

Cat UrbigkitCat’s always lots of fun, and I invite you to buy any of her books, I don’t think you’ll go wrong!

Cat Urbigkit


Wean Flaps

The last quarter of our herd was preg tested today.  So was Brandon’s little bunch and a neighbor’s.  I got there just as they were finishing up with Brandon’s… and good timing too, since he is trying something I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years!

Here’s our neighbor, with a helping hand from The Good Doctor, applying it.

weanWith a twist and a squish… it looks like this.

quiet weanThis is a weaning tool.  Called by various names, these “paddles”, temporarily placed in the nose of a calf, will wean the calf in the next few days.  Twisted like a bread tabs, they provide a physical barrier to nursing.  Now I’ve seen things like this for milk cow calves before… but they were metal monstrosities from the early days… not a lightweight plastic, reusable nose flap!

Studies show that weaned calves, those that are allowed to stay close to momma, are less stressed than those that lose milk and momma at the same time.  These calves are turned back out with their mothers, but are unable to latch on to a teat, forcing the calf to wean itself.  Supposedly there is less stress and less sickness.

In 4-7 days, the calves are run back through, the tabs are removed and the calves hauled away.  Hopefully, they will accept their new status quietly and easily.

Debate is out about which is more stressful, abrupt weaning or running them through the chute twice in one week.  I’m still leaning towards running them through the chute.  It’s fast and easy and over with!  I’m thrilled Brandon is trying this… and I’m hoping if it works for him, it might work for the rest of our herd as well!

weaned calf