Bee Friends

I was supposed to help ride today… It’s time to kick the cows out onto pasture!  But… some-bee-dy interfered!  I *had* to finish my beehive I started making because I bought TWO, yes, two packages of bees last night.  I was extremely lucky to have three friends stop by to help!  I wouldn’t have got it done, there’s no doubt!

bee friendsDon’t we just look classy?

I’ll give some details later, but it seems as though all the bees have settled in quite nicely so far!

bee friendsI’m still not done… there’s tweaking to do… but hey, I couldn’t have asked for better helpers!  Anyone else want to bee friends?

Decisions, Decisions

Pardon me… but it’s gonna be one of those times when I toot my own horn.

Multiple times in the history of this blog, I’ve entered a post or two in some competition.  Most contests I pass by because they’re more of the “have-your-friends-vote popularity contests” than true competition, but I entered the BlogHer Voice of the Year again this year.

Guess what?  One of my more popular photos was chosen!  You guys loved it, and so did BlogHer through three rounds and six judges.  It’s this one.

Lucas’ Sunset.  The scene from my studio with sweet Lucas laying right next to Elsa’s grave… watching the sun slide behind the wintry red hills.

It will be on display throughout the BlogHer 2015 Convention Keynote and reception in New York City with six other honorees.  That’ll be July 17-19 in case any of you want to go!  They’d love to have me attend, and they’re even offering a complimentary full conference pass.  I’d get an award and get  my picture taken and have reserved seating and some champagne!

Cool, huh?

I waver back and forth… Airplane ticket plus motel $$$… Busy Time on the Ranch… New York City (both a plus and a minus)… Sharing my Red Dirt View of Ag and Ag blogging (both a plus and a minus)… Not knowing anyone (both a plus and a minus)…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to win… but, well, as an Ag blogger sometimes I get the feeling that if I really was on the spot/and/or/popular that I couldn’t handle the attacks that come with the notoriety.  You guys have always been nice and I *appreciate* that, but a convention of outspoken women in New York City seems like the lion’s den to me!  I want readers to see Ag Business people as human and, hopefully, interesting!  That’s part of why I’m here every night, rain, snow, saddle sores, and sunburn…

Well, I’ll think on this.  They will mail me my award… though it would be nice to see New York through my 56 year old eyes instead of the 17 year old ones last time I was there!  Ah, decisions, decisions…

(My new “badge” will be posted at the bottom of this page soon!)

Wordless Wednesday – “Spring?”

But!  But!  I thought it was spring?

cold chicken

Top Bar Hive Refurbished

My new bees will be coming Thursday (maybe… a blizzard is predicted for tomorrow, so we’ll see if that slows him down).  Newbees, happy dance!  Newbies!  La la la…

So, I’m refurbishing Messopotamia, my secondhand top bar hive… and since it’s all pretty now, I think I’ll have to rename it!  There were holes in the screen on the bottom… but now it has new screen.

new screenI wanted a way to keep those *&^^%$^ mice out, and the plugs for the holes were simply a pain, so I made up something there too.

spin cover

This gives me three options.  I can have the opening, cover it with wire mesh, or close it with a piece of wood.  I ‘think’ it’ll work, but you better be wearing gloves!  My hands are really trashed after this project because… I’m thinking… you know, there’s really not much to Messopotamia… I could build another one just like it!

Of course, I said that.  Sigh.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m an affiliate for, and if you have the money and want something utterly gorgeous and very, very, well made… well, you just go buy one through the link on my sidebar!  I could NEVER EVER make something so nice as my Golden Mean Hive.  One of the appeals of top bar hive beekeeping, though, is that you can build your own out of scrap material, even if all you have is straw and manure!  Seriously!  So, I made a decision to make another one instead of buying one.

It’s not done yet, and I’m trying something a little different (of course I am, when do I ever do anything SIMPLE????)  but it’s just the roof and I think if Vernon helps me router out the lid, that could go together pretty fast.  If the eco floor doesn’t work out, I can add just a 1×6 to the bottom and it’ll be good.  I know I must be talking gobbledygook, but I’ll do another post on it later.

I’m just excited!  If I can get something together tomorrow after work, maybe I could buy TWO new packages of bees!!!  YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE!

Here’s the beginning of the new one, with Messopotamia sitting upright behind it.

new hive

Ideas for names anyone?  I need two… they match!

Minute Movie: “Swish, Dally”

So… it’s not really “swish” , more like “swiss”, but I figured “Swiss Dally” might conjure up something entirely different than my fat little dog chasing a cow!  Some people might spell it “Pssst”, but I have no “p” in my little command.  “Sssssss” looks snaky.

Anyway… here’s a little Minute Movie from last week… just a gentle little “sic ‘em” to keep the cow from coming down where we were working on the electric fence.

No, Dally did not pull a muscle… she stepped on a sticker… and she’s fine!


Minute Movie: Swish, Dally from Carol Greet on Vimeo.