Rain!  Holy cow, it’s like we live in Seattle or something!!  There’s local flooding around parts of the state… Thermopolis, Kaycee, and the creek is as full as it can get here.  More rain and parts will start getting flooded.

We had plans to give the heifers we are AI’ing their Lutalyse shot, but held off until after lunch, hoping for a break in the weather.



lutalyse shotNothing like slipping and sliding in 4″- 5″ of goo.  The alleyway where I was shushing the heifers up was pretty deep.  The rain soaked my slicker, my coat, and parts of my shirt.  I wore my cowboy hat to keep the rain from running down my neck… yup, pretty soggy too!

Glad I have a good washing machine!

goo(and this was after walking through some tall grass!)

It Rained

Definitely not a big day today… babysitting and a wedding comprised my “easy” day…

The guy who got married is a “neighbor” up the road a few miles, and a friend of my boys.

Now the weather the past week hasn’t been perfect for weddings, rain and clouds and more rain and more clouds, and, sure enough, today was rainy and cloudy.  The setting is absolutely gorgeous and it was perfect.  And it rained.

mylesOne of the groomsmen might look familiar.  And it rained.

DanielThere were lots of people in attendance, but many chose to stand instead of sitting on the wet wooden benches.  And it rained.


I can’t imagine being the photographer… my camera had spots on the lens and had trouble focusing… and it rained.

photographerStill, it was gorgeous.  It rained.

weddingweddingEveryone still smiled.  The wedding cake topper generated some more smiles… It rained.

cake topper

It was wonderfully sweet seeing M. dance with his mom to Chris LeDoux’s “Western Skies”…

danceBut there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when J. danced with her dad to the theme from “Beauty and the Beast”.  Oh, my.  My eyes may have rained just a tad bit.

beautyWelcome officially to Red Dirt Country, J.!  You and your wedding dress have it ingrained in you already!

What joy and life bringing water graced your wedding day, M. and J.!  Congratulations!

(P.S. It was raining when we left!)

Evening Light

Well, for once it’s only past 9 and I’m posting!  That’s because I’m entirely exhausted…

I managed to mow most of my tall, tall yard and work in my garden getting most of it planted!  According to my little wrist counter, I put in just over 19,000 steps today.

That’s why my hands are sore and my back and my feet!  With all that, I never took one photo… and there was stuff to share, but it will have to wait.

Here’s another from last night instead… I love the evening light!

red Eden


The old International pickup.

internationalThe old International pickup with ornaments “under the hood”.