Started off the morning by zipping to Ten Sleep School.  I honestly don’t visit there much, my interest has waned since my kids all graduated… and the biggest visit may be to haul some books over for a teacher or student.  Today, though, they had an inspirational speaker who piqued my interest, and since I was going to Ten Sleep anyway… I decided I’d swing by.  Wow.  Amberley Snyder is an amazing young woman!  She has accomplished much, with so much more in store!  I’d encourage you to watch this youtube video of her… It’s not as good as her speech at school today, but it’s still pretty impressive!

Afterwards, I headed to our little mini mart called the Pony Express and played!  I took Eden along to get her some much needed socialization…

snow window

After Thanksgiving, I’ll return and write in “Believe” in the center of the window… but he wanted a wintry scene or a Thanksgiving turkey… I voted for this!  Then I’ll also keep current on the Ten Sleep Pioneers basketball schedule…

pioneer window

It’s supposed to resemble a map… with local places… and I’ll change it as the season really gets going.  It’s not very bright, so I may change it up some.  All I know is I wanted to do it today… I was actually HOT painting in front of that window!  The paint dried almost instantly.  It was fun to do.  Eden met and watched a LOT of people… and I’m even going to get *PAID*.

Friend’s Gift


With the cold and the snow (6′ in Buffalo, NY, really???) my mind thinks of wool…

Here’s my first wool BOWL!

wool bowl1

I cut a resist from some soft plastic (floor underlayment) about 5″ across.  I began to layer wool roving under and over it, each time changing the direction of the roving, and pulling the excess around the edges onto the other side.

wool bowl2

Natural colors were mixed randomly…

wool bowl3

Although it *looks* like I cut clear through, I didn’t… I only cut an opening for the top of my flat bowl.  It is the resist you see in the hole.  Pull it out, run some hot soapy water, and rub and rub and beat and rub.  It shrinks, it thickens, you shape it, and finally, voila!

wool bowl4

A simple little bowl, perfect for car keys or a special treasure, given as a gift to a Friend!

Chicken in the Cold

After the frigid cold we’ve been having, a day where it gets up into the teens and twenties feels pretty dog gone good!  You’re ready to get out of the house and go for a walk… maybe a short one, but a walk all the same.

Since the cold hit, Truce, the black cat, has taken up residence under the ramp to the chicken coop.  Why he picked that place, I don’t know, but that’s his place.  And yes, I said HE.  Truce is NOT a girl.  Then the past few nights, when I’ve locked up the chickens, Truce has been INSIDE the coop.  Hey, heat lamp, straw, warm water, and mice… it’s cat heaven!  He doesn’t wander too much in the snow… he’s pretty much a sissy.  Then again, so are my chickens!  My chickens are chicken!  My last ones didn’t mind the snow, at least if it wasn’t deep, but these girls?  They don’t want to stick their heads out of the door!

Ah… this next generation!


Truce goes from coop to ramp to top of cat food container… chickens go a foot out the door!

I guess that’s equivalent to my short walks…

We’re all chicken in this cold!