Sounds Like Work

If you see me tomorrow, and I’m walking a bit slow… it’s because I rototilled on my garden for a bit… then I rode my bike clear to the mailbox at the other place (roundtrip of six miles)… then I came home and mowed my lawn with my little mower.  It’s like pushing a mower over a rutted pasture – my lawn is NOT smooth.

I imagine I will be a little stiff…

I poured grass over my new hugelkultur and though I didn’t take a photo today of the progress, here’s a pic from last night.

hugelkulturA layer of cardboard, then logs around the edge, then some old cornstalks, then the dirty bedding from my baby chickens, THEN grass clippings.  A good watering and I will be cooking compost in no time!

I hope to encourage more raspberries in this direction… but if I had help tearing out my old strawberry bed, I’d be willing to put them here as well.

I need to hire a big strong guy for a day or two!  Breaking apart a concrete strawberry bed is not *really* what I want to do…

I wrote an article for the local paper on hugelkultur, straw bale gardening, Earth Boxes, lasagna gardening, and keyhole gardens.  They are all fun in their own way… being lazy about hauling stuff clear out to my compost pit is a big benefit!  All this stuff sounds like work, but I still enjoy it.

Have you guys tried any unique ways to garden??? Seems like I’m always willing to try something new!


Post your questions for the next Q&A here!


Bee Check

Bee check.

The new bees have been in the Golden Hive and Beebylon for almost a week now.  They look pretty happy to me… and Mess-opotamia is looking busy as well.

beesThanks to Sheri, who reminded me of the name of my own hive…

There’s a bazillion dandelions now, so they SHOULD Bee Happy!

flying beesThey have a million dollar view from the back of their Bee Barn.


Q&A time.  Post ’em here… I’ll answer in a few days.

Zentangled Shoes

I babysat until afternoon then decided to see if it was dry enough to rototill my garden.  It was.

Around and around I went, sparing the volunteer lettuce!  The soil looks great under the straw left from my straw bale garden attempt last summer.  I plan to go capture some other rotting straw and till it in as well.  Yes, I know about weeds.  My garden is a haven for weeds.

Weeds and I have an understanding.  They grow.  I try to ignore them.

I also decided to expand my hugelkultur bed to the entire west end of my garden.  I rounded up some cardboard for my bottom layer, and right about then I ran into suppertime.  There’s lots more work to do, and my camera wasn’t around… so tomorrow after library duty I will get back to it!

For tonight, here’s the pair of shoes I zentangled last week.  Out of curiosity, how much would YOU pay for some hand zentangled shoes?  I’m thinking $40, $45…

zentangled shoeszentangled shoeszentangled shoes


Holy cow!  Time for another Q&A.  I have a few lined up that people have asked recently in comments… but let me know if there are any others out there!  Post your question in the comment section and I’ll get to it in a few days.

New Home

It was time to move the chicks… they’ve outgrown their little pen in the wood shed!  Since I also still have my older chickens, I moved the young ones out to the milking shed, and avoided any conflict between the two ages.

I had help today…

chicken wagonAren’t the Barred Rocks BIG?

pushThe were very funny as we wheeled them along.  I assumed they’d panic, they hunkered down instead…

more freedomLots of room in here… come on out, girls!

petQuinlan just would walk up to a chick, and pet it, and pick it up.  They were pretty agreeable for not being handled very much.  I still have 19, and at one point, Quinlan asked what their names were, and I told him they didn’t have names.  He rattled off a list of singsong words, Pick, Pock, Peck, Jet, Jip, plus more… pointing to each one in turn.  So… they have names. (not that I can remember them, even now)

new homeWhat more could they want?

Tempting Work

The weather has been amazing here of late.  I believe Vernon told me in the past 40 days, we’ve received over three inches of rain and wet snow.  That is simply, simply unbelievable.

And it’s cold.  I mean, in the 30’s and 40’s cold.  With wind.


I’ve been hiding out indoors.  Sitting around.

Of course, it gives me time to make something…

(As a sidenote… people always ask how I have time to do these crafts.  In The Before Time, as a young student at Casper College, one cold and wintery day, I was headed for my mom’s office.  She worked in Student Personnel, so I knew all the counselors and Dean of Students… but as I wandered lazily through the hall, the President of Casper College asked me what I was doing.  “Killing time, ” was my immediate, though quiet, response.  I was very intimidated by Dr. Tim Aley!  His office was separate, and I knew my mom respected him greatly.  He rarely spoke to me, and on this occasion, I was mortified to be caught doing *nothing*.  He looked at me, “When trying to kill time, you should work it to death!”, and he turned and strode away.  Believe me, I’ve never forgotten his words!  So… why not create something? It’s rather fun work, but still…)

jewelryNow how I managed to NOT take a pic after I tarnished them… gah!

Plus, I made some more today… a butterfly, some straight earrings,and a tree of life pendant.

Then, there are the tennis shoes I zentangled…

All of which need photos… and then perhaps, they will be for sale.  I don’t know if I’m good enough yet to make a product for sale, but it’s tempting!