How do two people make so much dirty laundry???


While Vernon hauled some more water to the cows and, once again, tried to figure out what was wrong with the pump or generator… I did laundry and cleaned my house.

I did take some time out to work on my ghost decoration… I’ll let her dry overnight and light her up and share tomorrow.

I also spent some time with a couple of visitors…

If they’re still around tomorrow, I’ll take my big camera out to try to get some puzzle worthy shots!

Boooooo… Yay!

I started yesterday morning… pulled up iMovie and put together a video on the Texas Antique Fair… Yes, it was long, but I wanted to give a “real” take on the scope of the entire event.  I’d let it upload… add a transition and title… by midmorning I was finished.

Tried to post on vimeo but it took so long, that I’d leave and go work on something else and check on it later.  Long story short, I gave up last night, just knowing I could post the link first thing this morning.



And again.

And again.

I cut it down to half of what it was, switched around or deleted clips, and tried again.


Tried YouTube.


Cut the bloody thing into a third of its original length.  Still no go.

Holy buckets.

So… I guess you’re NOT going to get a video of the Texas Antique Fair.

But, on the other hand, Lucas and I “helped” Vernon haul some water to our cows on the mesa.

Yay! for ranchwork (it’s *always* there!)



Wordless Wednesday – Texas Still Life

still life
previewTexas Still Life Puzzle

Not Babies Anymore

Look who is growing up!  They seem to have doubled in size since I left on vacation.

Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still…

One is definitely a rooster.

I only have seven of the original eleven left.  Let’s hope these stay smart and alert!