So, my auto post didn’t auto post this morning.  How does that (not) happen?


I spent half the day at school, undergoing training for Standard Response Protocol.  It was inspirational and heart-wrenching, informative and pro-active.  I encourage anyone and everyone to go to and read and inform yourself and your community and local school.  As it says there, “You don’t choose tragedy.  You can choose your response.”

No photos of that.

But I wish you peace.

Ten Sleep canyon

#TBT: Gathering Wildflowers

louisegreetbasketlouisegreetwildflowersThis photo is possibly of Louise Greet.  She was married to George Greet, brother of Fred and Frank, and therefore Johnny’s aunt. There is no date on this photo.  Note the basket and flowers in both photos.

Wordless Wednesday – “Voice of Joy”


“When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy, and the dimpling stream runs laughing by;

When the air does laugh with our merry wit, and the green hill laughs with the noise of it.”

-William Blake
previewVoice of Joy

The Bestest Part

“No rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need any!”

I grew up with that saying…

I’m not sure where we fall, but after the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame party, it was back to work!

On the agenda… weighing calves.

We do this every year… getting an idea how our calves and breeding plan are doing.  We weigh each calf individually.

Brandon and Johnny did the weighing and recording.

scaleThis is a certified scale… I’m just glad they don’t give us demerits for cleanliness of the table top!

Each calf comes on the scale.

Their number and sex is called out. (double checking that we wrote them down correctly at birth!)

They’re weighed.

They’re gone.


Along the way… Lucas helps.

LucasHe’s thinking “youcan’tseeme… youcan’tseeme!”

Then the gate is opened and he can get up and encourage them out!

helpingThat’s the bestest part!

Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame, Part Two

I have to say that the induction ceremony for the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame was bigger and more impressive than I expected.  This is only its third year of operation, and I can see that this will continue to grow.  They hope to purchase a building at some point, so fundraising and memberships plus auction items that day are all worthwhile.

They had some impressive food displays.

foodThe girls thought we should do this for branding dinner… ha!

They had many tables full of cool stuff for the live and silent auction.

silent auctionAnd, yes, that is a *painting* in the lower right hand corner…

I spent a lot a money at the branded merchandise counter…

wchofHats, tshirts, scarves, vests, coats, baseball caps, wool caps, scarf slides, denim shirts, sweatshirts, camp chairs… and, no, I didn’t buy one of each.

pkThanks to P. K. for nominating Johnny in the first place.

The only problem I saw… was that in the big printed program and on the frame worthy large poster… it wasn’t Johnny’s photo AT ALL.  P.K. had nominated another local, B. B.  Somehow along the way, B.B.’s paperwork was lost, but B.B.’s photo was attached to Johnny’s bio.  Soooo… It tells all about Johnny, but the picture isn’t his!  We laughed, I mean, what could we do?  and we knew B. B. would get a kick out of it!  We just told Johnny we’d submit B. B.’s name next year, but attach a photo of Johnny to even things out.

At some point in the program, they listed one of the inductees as dying in 2003.  He went up to the announcer and laughingly told them he was still alive, and happy to accept his award! “Welcome back!” cried the announcer!

“See, Johnny, it could have been worse!  At least they didn’t think you were dead!”

usP.S.  Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame…. his birthday is Christmas Eve, not Christmas!  That’s *MY* birthday!