Capital T.

I’m of mixed feelings tonight… was going to share the next home improvement project I started… which includes painting…

but then I called GoDaddy to help me figure out where most of my photos on past posts disappeared to.

Same ol’ song and dance.

Waaah.  Waaah.

You’ve heard this before.

This blog is a Tragedy.  Capital T.

All those pics I copied and pasted, well most of them at least, I haven’t figured out exactly when they’ve disappeared… are gone.  Turns out I shouldn’t have copied and pasted, but saved the image and re-uploaded to my posts.  WELL, THANKS VERY MUCH FOR GIVING ME THE WRONG INSTRUCTIONS!  MULTIPLE TIMES!  I cannot believe this.

Some I can get through TimeMachine dot com, which will be ok, but then it’s saving and re-uploading all over again.  Holy YOUKNOWWHAT.

Plus, I guess I shouldn’t have said they *lost* my photos.  I have my photos… I have thousands and thousands and thousands of photos.  I just will have to find which photo I uploaded (because Carol did print off her early blog entries) then go through all my photos, then up load them, then put them in each and every post.

Now doesn’t that just sound like *fun*?

and here I was just getting excited about vamping up this blog, trying harder to monetize the stupid thing… be like The Prairie Homestead, a very successful Wyoming blog… and now this.  I feel like the rug was just jerked out from under me, but I suppose I can do it.  I just need to vent and cry and cry some more, and then I’ll get started… but needless to say, I’m leaving GoDaddy.  Anyone have suggestions???  I’m checking into self-hosting too, I’m not thrilled about trusting someone else…

The alternative is to drop my “photographic journal of life on a Wyoming Centennial ranch”… since that’s true for only the past year now… I could shut down Red Dirt and start over with a new topic and just let Red Dirt fade into the atmosphere… though, I’m pretty unsure of what I can focus on.  The pro’s tell you to focus on one thing… so… do I just post a photo?  one a day?  do I do projects and crafts???  do I follow the guys around and get a ranch “action” photo per day???  What about just video with a post just once a week?  I don’t know how to do one focus!!!!  I am too random to focus on one thing!

Or, and I don’t want to do this, maybe I should just stop.  I love you guys, I really do.  But sometimes I wonder why I do this.  It costs me sleep and time and I make no money at it.  I honestly could write a story for my kids each day for posterity’s sake…  I wouldn’t have these crises that cost me money and time and stress…

I guess I’m just venting.  I probably won’t quit…  this appeals too much to the lazy writer in me… and I think I do this every fall, have a crisis and doubt myself and then I go back to work because I’m too stinking stubborn to give up.  But, man, oh man, GoDaddy didn’t have to do this to me!  I could have gone on for years without losing my photos and been just happy as a lark!

I’m ready for a successful blogger to adopt me… I’ve worked hard, I’ve been recognized a tiny bit, I’ve paid some dues, I have a very tiny, but loyal, following (very different stats than what GoDaddy used to tell me, too. another interesting tidbit.  I’m not near as popular as GoDaddy had me believe)  I’m just ready for the breakthrough, where I could make a few hundred bucks a month.  I’m not asking for a lot!  Any successful blogger need to adopt a dysfunctional blog?  I’m waiting!  ;-)


See You Later

One of the most common questions I receive about living “way out in the boonies on a ranch”, is one about shopping.

Whether I like it or do it often or where’s the closest mall…

(no, no, and 4 hours away)

The same applies to doctor visits… whether it’s close and convenient, and how do you get in to see a doctor, and how often do you go?

Well, Worland is 47 miles away, so it’s not close and convenient like 5 minutes away in an ambulance like you have in town, but better than some places!

How do you get in to see a doctor?  Well, believe it or not, you have a relationship with your doctor around here, and they know where you live!  I invited a doctor out once during calving season and he was amazed at how far out of town we were.  He never really questioned me again when I asked for a prescription for a kid to be phoned into the pharmacy and picked up by a neighbor!  The same with business people… they know you’re in town only once in a while, and many will give you a sale price that you may have just missed or a discount because you buy so many items in their store!  I love it!

How often do you go?  Not often!  We probably suffer through many more things because of the distance to the doctor.  Once we call for an appointment, though, they know we’re serious!  It’s too far to go if you’re a hypochondriac!  They usually can squeeze us in sometime.

Guess what I did today.

Last week at the powwow, my eye turned red.  The ride home was a killer with the oncoming headlights (great thing I wasn’t driving!).  All week, I’ve squinted and cried and wore sunglasses and hats and was very grateful for cloudy skies and rain…  Today I went to the doctor and yes, I’d scratched my eye, and yes, it was getting infected and swelling and yes, it was a good thing I finally decided to come in!

A few eye drops later and I’m feeling better…

I’m VERY thankful for doctors only 47 miles away!  I appreciate them fitting me in to their schedules.  I love modern medicine!

But best of all, I was happy to tell them “SEE YOU LATER!”  ;-) hello dog

Pay Backs

All summer.

ALL SUMMER!  I’ve been wanting someone to help me hang my Wyoming map that will serve as a shade for my large window in my studio…  We’ve discussed methods and brackets and wood vs. metal…

But I cornered Brandon… and I spent a bit helping him repair a water tank, and so, he came to the studio to pay me back.

Since my sister had helped me finish the trim around the window (for the most part), I suggested just screwing it to the trim we had attached.  A quick measurement, a glance around the shop, a fast cut with the cutting torch, and a hammer to slide the metal into the bracket.  Drill two holes through each side, and, bam!

It was up!


The white tape is a measuring tape for the other side… I haven’t decided if I’m leaving it or cutting it off.

Of course, I chose to leave the physical map side inward…


It’s great!!!!

Thanks so much, Brandon!

Pay backs are awesome!


Worm Pills for Children

In between working and riding and fighting to create the Powwow Video… I have been able to sneak out to my studio!  While I’m still in search of my map of Girl Scout National Center West (anyone have a spare to donate?  ;-) ), so my map tabletop is at a standstill, I decided to work on my big cabinet.

Everything in my studio is wood, the building, the chicken nest boxes, the cabinets, the bed… and so I decided to mix it up a bit.

Here’s my inspiration.


A reprint of the 1902 Sears Catalog.  Wonderful things come through the Ten Sleep Library… and I nabbed this years ago.

I love looking at everything Sears used to carry… it was definitely the of its day!  I pulled my favorite ads… photography, cowboy hats, wood stoves, tools, swimsuits, health remedies, ice boxes… and did this.


Mod podged onto the front doors, it’s an interesting read and something different besides WOOD.

The paper is yellowed and looks original… and I enjoy seeing the sleighs and the lace and the mandolins… all the rage when this building perhaps was first built.


… though I didn’t take a pic of it, just let me say I’m very happy we don’t need to buy “Worm Pills for Children – a mother’s best friend”.